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[L2J IL] L2 Light Going Live 29-5-2015
« on: May 27, 2015, 12:38:09 PM »
Opening Date: 29-5-2015

Join the Open Beta server now: www.l2light.eu

Please read the following:

    Before you go nuts and start hating on the simple layout, the point of the server is to offer a simple, clean high rate server experience.
    The server is modeled on the old high rate concepts from 2006-2008 with modern era enchant rates.
    The farming is hard to ensure longevity.
    You will not be farming for Armors and Weapons, but you will be farming for other things like Epics, Book of Giants, LS etc.
    Of course we offer a fair and simple donation rewards service. Donation rewards will always be obtainable by everyone ingame on L2Light.
    Currently the server is in an OPEN BETA state.

If you have a clan and you want to join the server we will reward you with:

    Clan Lv8
    3kk reputation points.
    10 Gold Bars (10b adena)

If you are a player and you activelly play on our open beta when the server goes live we will reward with 1 of the following rewards:

    1x Epic Jewel of Choise
    5.000 Light Coins
    50 Gold Bars (50b adena)

Register in the forum and let us know.


* Bartz *

Game Rates:
EXP: x5000
SP: x5000
ADENA: x5000

Enchant Rates:
Max Enchant Weapons: +8
Max Enchant Armors: +7
Safe Enchant: +3
Weapon Enchant Chance: 30%
Armor & Jewel Enchant Chance: 40%
+10% Bonus Enchant Chance for Dwarfs

Buff System:
36 total Buffslots
Buffs duration: 2hours+

No Custom items
Auto-Learn Skills
Free Class Change
Subclass without Quest
Offline Trade System
Premium Geodata
C3/C4/C5/Interlude Ready

Retail Like Augmentation system
Retail Like Grandbosses & Raidbosses
Global Gatekeeper
Buffer (Presets & Schemes)
GM Shop (D to S Grade)
Class Manager (NPC & Pop-up)

Clan Manager (Clan Level Up & Rep)
Wedding Manager
Custom Currency (Light Coin)
Custom Playgrounds

Automated Events:
Team Vs. Team
Capture The Flag
(3hour intervals)


Olympiad Games:
Daily competition duration: 4hours
New Heroes every 14 days (2weeks)
All Enchanted items during a match will count as +0


Hope to see you ingame!

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/l2j-il-l2-light-going-live-29-5-2015/23619/

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