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    [L2J - IL] L2 Order VS Chaos [Wipes | New Season][29/01]
    « on: January 22, 2016, 12:50:30 PM »

    Website: http://l2ovc.com
    Forum: http://l2ovc.com/forum
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2OvC/
    Opening Date: 29/01/2016 18:00 GMT+2

    It's been more than 110 days since we opened this interlude server season.
    Many game improvements were applied and we belive all of you liked it, otherwise it wouldn't have lasted this long.
    We have came to a decision to wipe the server, after more than 80% of the community requested it and since its been a while since last wipe.
    We do plan the next season to last longer, we do belive that longer lasting seasons means a much better server and therefore we are willing to continue, develop and imporve our server.
    So here we go, we would like to invite all of you to our new interlude faction server starting on 29/01/2016 18:00 GMT +2.
    Don't miss out the fun, we expect hundreds of players on this new season!

    The gameplay is based on a routine of events which will run constantly, each event has its own goals.
    * Maps - The longest events with biggest kinds of goals to accomplish, maps will end faster if their goal is achieved, a raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before the map ends.
    * Faction Events - runs for the winning team of a map (in case a map ended in a tie, this type of event is skipped), if they complete it they get extra rewards.
    * Mini Events - Starts once the faction event is over, this is a short type event with only funny objectives, registration to event is required.
    * Grand Bosses - In peak times, there is a chance that a grand boss event will start for all players after a mini event ends.

    * Full AIO buffer with premade editable schemes.
    * 4 hours buff duration.
    * Buff slots 20+4.
    * Summons restore buffs when resummoned after death.
    * Buffs kept after death (including toggles).
    * Cubics casted on self are kept after death.
    * Anti buff griefing system.
    * Cancelled buffs return after 7 seconds.

    * Enchant rate 66%.
    * Safe enchant +3 (+4 full body).
    * Max enchant +16.
    * Life stones chances: High 9%, Top 12%.

    * PvP rewards with exp/sp/adena/items which players can use to make progress ingame.
    * Players get rewarded according to damage done on enemies when they die.
    * Players can be spoiled for extra exp/sp/adena rewards.
    * Debuffs and heals also count as damage.
    * Some classes get PvP points by exping (for example: healers).

    * Many skill modifications with minor affection on olympiad.
    * Class balance changes.
    * Bonus buff for people who die too much without making kills (doesn't take buff slot).
    * Bonus buff for losing team during an event (doesn't take buff slot).
    * Elo balance system.
    * Team balance system.
    * Gear dependent reward system.
    * Anti farm system.
    * Anti AFK system.

    * Retail like olympiad.
    * Time left until olympiad period ends shows up for players upon login.
    * Start everyday at 18:00 GMT +2 until 22:00 GMT +2.
    * Fights regardless of player's faction.
    * 5 Players required to start olympaid.
    * 1 Week cycle - 1/4 hero reward.
    * Hero skills changed to be more balanced inside events.
    * Registration to olympaid is open only for players with at least rank 5.

    * 5 Members maximum.
    * Increased exp/sp/adena rewards when playing in party.
    * Party limiting to 5 players and 28 points max, so a party cannot become too strong.
    * Only one healer allowed in a party.
    * Brown title color for party members.

    * No clan penalties.
    * 10 members maximum in main clan.
    * 5 extra members for every royal guard/royal knight the clan has.
    * 2 clans maximum in an alliance.
    * Free leveling up to level 2.
    * Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buyable from GM shop).
    * Levels 6, 7, 8 requires reputation points.
    * Weekly retail like Aden castle siege for clans.
    * Clan wars - clans can declare war againts clans of opposite faction.

    Voiced commands
    * .info - used during events to show the top players, the score of each team, the goal of the current event and to see own score.
    * .playalone / .playinparty - turn on/off random parties while joining events.
    * .shotsoff / .animon / .animoff / .allanimoff - show/hide animations, use if have client lags.
    * .scoreon / .scoreoff - show/hide the scorebar during events.
    * .msgon / .msgoff - show/hide killing streak messages on screen.
    * .joinparty - auto join a party during a main event.

    * Unique achievements system with levels and amazing rewards.
    * Rebirth system which rewards extra skills.
    * Global vote reward system for adena.
    * Personal vote reward system for temporary passive skill.
    * Double xp/sp event at random times during the day.
    * Shift+click players in town to view their items/stats/clan and skills.
    * Ctrl+click on GCP to activate auto use of them.
    * Player ranks system.
    * Killing spree system.
    * Events voting system.
    * Announcements upon raidbosses/grandbosses death.
    * Full GM shop with gifts system.
    * Grand master for subclasses, clan/ally management, skill learning and enchanting.
    * Toggle skill for CP/HP/MP instead of potions.
    * Return skill for all classes instead of SoE.
    * Tattoo of Power custom item (not useable in olympiad).
    * Stackable enchant scrolls/life stones/book of gaints/divine inspiration books.
    * Free 1st/2nd/3rd class change.
    * Free subclass.
    * Dedicated private store zone.
    * Special town for both factions for improved server economy.
    * Starting level 76.
    * Max level 80.
    * Offline shops system.
    * Trade chat is faction only chat.
    * Shout chat is region chat and will show player's faction.
    * Hero chat is global chat and will sow player's faction.
    * Players can duel in town.
    * Services NPC (faction change, gender change etc...).
    * Tranining Dummy NPCs to test your class from different prespectives.
    * Tablet of Information which shows useful tips, info and boss status.
    * Warehouse Keeper with free freight.
    * Augmenter.
    * Symbol Maker.
    * Armor expertise penalty.
    * 10 seconds spawn protection.
    * Increased weight/inventory/private store slots.
    * Players do not lose exp upon death.
    * No death panalities.
    * Auto learn skills (excluding divine insipration and symbols).
    * Auto loot.

    Some screenshots from previous L2 OvC server:

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25235.0
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