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    [L2J IL] L2 Summit Faris x15
    « on: January 03, 2016, 07:47:10 AM »


    Interlude Faris x15 Server

    Start on 08.01.2016 at 18:00 GMT+1
    Beta period: 04-07.01.2016

    Base rates

    XP rate: 15x
    SP rate: 17x
    Adena rate: 10x
    Drop rate: 7x
    Spoil rate: 7x

    Party XP rate: 1.2x
    Party SP rate: 1.2x

    Spam is not allowed stones drop rate: 2x
    Quest drop rate: 8x
    Quest reward rate: 2x


    Safe Enchant: 3
    Max Enchant: 16
    Enchant chance decreases with enchant level: starting with 90% for +4 and ending with 30% for +16.

     Soul crystals

    Soul crystal level chance: 70%
    Soul crystal break chance: 10%
    Tyrannosaurus respawn time: 1h

    Raid & Grand boss

    Raid Boss drop rate: 1x
    Grand Boss drop rate: 1x
    Boss adena rate: 10x
    Raid Boss P.Def decreased to 70%
    Grand boss level increased to 80 and high grade drop added for:
    -Ant Queen


    Olympiad period changed to 2 weeks
    Minimum participant count 6


    Buffs duration: 1h
    GM Buffer:
    -buffer available in each castle town near GK
    -common buffs free of charge
    -song/dance - price in adena, level-dependent
    -3rd class buffs (prophecies, songs and dances) available only after buying VIP buffer access. To buy this access an item dropped by some of RBs is needed (it will be also obtainable by voting).

    Voting System

    Players will be rewarded for voting with Token Of Love.
    Token Of Love can be exchanged for:
    -Quick Healing Potions and Greater CP potions
    -3 tiers of hair accessories
    -Quest items needed for Subclass and Noblesse quests - UNDER DISCUSSION (link)
    -Token for VIP buffs access

     Newbie Helper

    Support for new players - newbie helper NPC available at each start zone and in Giran:
    -Shadow weapons and armors (from No-Grade till B-Grade)
    -Basic buffs till level 52 (just for start, since the buffers are available in castle towns only)
    -Misc items: SoE, HP/Mana potions available at each grade (from NG till B)
    More info here

    Class changing

    -1st class buyable for 50k adena
    -2nd class buyable for 2kk adena
    -3rd class - retail quest with increased drop on 700 ( 10 QI per mob ) or by donation
    -Subclass - available by donation (both quests: Fate’s Whisper and Mimir’s Elixir) or voting (only Fate’s Whisper quest)
    -Noblesse - available by donation or voting


    Free teleports until 40lv
    Weeding system
    Auto pickup
    Auto learn skills
    Offline shops
    Increased weight limit (200%)
    Mana potions - working similar to Healing Potions
    Extended shops, items available till B grade
    Extended gatekeeper
    -TP from Goddard to IT, FoG
    -TP from Rune to PI


    Giran Luxury Shop changed to donation shop.
    Available items:
    -Soul Crystals lv12-13
    -Enchant scrolls
    -Noblesse quest
    -Subclass Quest - UNDER DISCUSSION (link)
    -Life Stones

    Online guarantee
    We promise to keep this server online, without wipe, until last player leaves. Last time we promised to keep it online until the end of year, and we kept that promise. Server ran over 8 months.


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25144.0