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    L2 Order VS Chaos Interlude Factions Server

    Opening Date:07/10/2017 17:00 GMT+3 
    Promotion Clip:

    The game play is based on a routine of events which will run constantly one after another, each event has its own unique set of features.
    The event routine includes Maps, Instances, Mini Events and a chance for a Boss Event at the end of each routine.
    Players can view Territory Control, Event Statistics, Toplistis and more through the Tablet of Information NPC in town.
    In addition to the regular events, players can participate in Farm Zone, Mini Games, Olympiad, Siege, World Events and Holiday Events.

    Longest time events with biggest kind of goals to accomplish.
    Maps will end faster if their goal is achieved.
    A raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before the map ends.
    New Feature : Winning faction will own the map, owning all maps in a certain territory grants special rewards.

    Instance Events
    After a map ends an instance event will start.
    Instance events are divided into 2 realms, each team will get its own realm.
    The teams are not able to see each other, the first team to complete the instance wins.
    If none of the team completes the instance in time, the team that made more progress wins.
    The score bar will show both teams the progression of each team.

    Mini Events
    A mini event will start after an instance event.
    These are usually short time events with small objectives to complete.

    Boss Events
    After every mini event there's a chance a grand boss event will start.
    Chance depends on amount of players online and day of week.
    There are 2 types of boss events: Team VS Team and Free for All.

    World Events
    These type of events are a mimic of the retail ones.
    World events will run 24/7 and will switch every Friday and Monday.
    These events will grant extra boost and fun to everyone.
    Events List :Change of Heart,Heavy Medals,Letter Collector,Master of Enchanting,Playing with Fire,Power of Love,Squish the Squash,Zaken's Curse.

    Aden Siege
    Aden Castle will be used as a retail like castle siege, the only one on the server.
    All clans can participate, the castle siege will take place every Sunday.
    The siege area is a free for all PvP zone, regardless of player's faction.
    The clan who will own Aden Castle will receive the following benefits:
    * +25% XP, +50% SP.
    * +1 Clan Reputation Point per kill.
    * Access to Gigantic Chaos Golem Raid Boss.
    * Castle Crowns and Circlets.
    * Members who are rank 10 or above can ride a Strider.
    * Members get special passive skills depending on the territories their faction owns.

    Holiday Events
    These type of events will run through holiday seasons.
    These events will grant extra boost and fun to everyone.

    Farm Zone
    Players will be able to join a farm zone (solo or with party) at any time of the day.
    The farm zone is a free for all PvP zone, so choosing the right time to join is vital.
    Once joining, players can stay inside until they die once or 1 hour have passed.
    Besides of being full of monsters, there's also a boss free for all to farm.

    * AIO buffer with 7 premade editable schemes.
    * Option to restore default schemes.
    * 4 hours buff duration.
    * Buff slots 20+4.
    * Summons restore buffs when resummoned.
    * Buffs kept after death (including toggles).
    * Cubics casted on self are kept after death and last for 4 hours.
    * Anti buff griefing system.
    * Symbols and Event buffs do not take a buff slot.
    * Cancelled buffs return after 7 seconds.

    Holiday Events
    These type of events will run through holiday seasons.
    These events will grant extra boost and fun to everyone.

    * PvP rewards with EXP/SP/Adena/Items which players can use to make progress ingame.
    * Players get rewarded according to damage done on enemies when they die.
    * Players can be spoiled for extra rewards.
    * Debuffs and heals also count as damage.
    * Players get rewarded for resurrecting (limited to 5 minutes per player).

    * Starting level 76 with 3rd class (including sub classes).
    * Max level 80 (including sub classes).
    * Free class change and subclass.
    * Starting gear B-grade.
    * Unique rank system with rewards.
    * Global vote reward system for Adena.
    * Personal vote reward system for temporary passive skill.
    * Double EXP/SP event at random times during the day.
    * Killing spree system.
    * Events voting system.
    * Full GM shop with gifts system.
    * Toggles for CP/HP/MP instead of potions.
    * Offline shops with dedicated store zone.
    * Trade chat is faction only chat.
    * Shout and Hero chats will show player's faction.
    * Free warehouse and freight.
    * 10 seconds spawn protection.
    * Increased weight/inventory/private store slots.


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27766.0