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    Dear L2Blaze and Lineage2 fans, do you remember your great moments, your first battle, first hero status, castles which you took, Grand Bosses which you killed with your friends on L2Blaze? Our team have great news for you! We want to announce that WarFire x150 Interlude is going for new Lineage2 World season at 2015 September 1st 18:00 GMT+3!
    Sounds great? Yes! It is chance for new and old players to shake L2Blaze world and show what they can!
    It is time to remind your enemy who you are, time to find new friends and spend best automn days in L2Blaze.

    We want to help you to get great opening at 2015 September 1st, this why we organize EVENTS before and after server start!

    Registration is automatic in game, you just need to enter your ID and password which you want to use and you can start your game. Remember, we have more than 400k accounts in our database, thats why use HARDER ID, because easy ID can be already used.

    Clans EVENT!
    Clans which have 15 or more active and online players everyday and 5th clan level will get 2 Noblesse Letters 76lvl for clan members and 10 000 CRP! For reward contact with our support!

    First clans EVENT!
    First 3 clans which will reach 8th clan level will win 10 FA for every clan!

    Clan members EVENT!
    First clan which will have 60 clan members will win 10 000 CRP!

    Enchant EVENT!
    First player who will enchant his Arcana mace or Draconic bow till +6 will win 15 FA!

    Superman EVENT!
    First three players who have colored nick, noblesse status and s grade weapon will win 10 FA for ea.

    More EVENTS information you will find in game!

    All new players spawn in town of Gludio!
    All players start from 21 LvL with some adenas and equipment!
    XP: x150
    SP: x150
    Party XP and SP: x1.30
    Adena Drop rate: x70
    Drop Items rate: x35
    Drop SealStones rate: x1.5
    Spoil rate: x35
    Drop Manor rate: x1
    Drop Quest rate: x10(not for all)
    Quests Reward rate: x3(not for all)
    Raid Boss Drop: x10

    Take your friends, create clans and see you in game at 2015 September 1st 18:00 GMT+3!

    Website: http://l2blaze.net
    Forum: http://l2blaze.net/forum
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Blaze.net

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24425.0