Author Topic: [L2J] INTERLUDE X150! ONLINE: 2000+! NEW CLANS BONUS + Players Bonus!  (Read 1426 times)

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    Noblesse Event!
    From Feb 1st you can buy Caradine letter 4th part in Special Shop only for 70 Glit. Medals! With this 4th part you just need to take subclass and take noblesse status!

    All new players will start from 21st level, after changing your first class you will find in your inventory Premium Coin, after activation of this coin your rates will increase 1.5-2x times!
    After changing 2nd class you will get 10kk!
    After changing 3rd class you will get Book Of Giants!
    To activate this coin, use function .menu on the game!

    Special Clans EVENT!
    Clans which have 15 or more active and online players everyday and 5th clan level will get 2 Noblesse Letters 76lvl for clan members and 10 000 CRP! For reward contact with our support!

    SPECIAL Voting Event Feb 17-23!
    VOTE in www.l2blaze.net/vote and after voting you will receive 40 Glit. Medals, 25 medals more than always!

    Hearts of War EVENT!
    Collect War Hearts from Hot Springs monsters: Yeti, Buffalo, Antelope, Bandersnatch with 3% and Heart Breaker Boss in Cursed Village! You can trade it, sell it or spend in shop!
    Raid Boss Heart Breaker spawn every 2 hours!


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