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    [L2j-Interlude]L2 Old-School
    « on: February 04, 2016, 05:32:55 AM »
    Website: http://l2old-school.com
    Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/l2oldschooll
    Starting 20 lvl with Top D Gear.
    -Custom Starting Zone
    EXP/SP/ :x35
    Adena x30
    Full party bonus Sp/Exp
    NPC Buffers w/o 3rd class buffs
    Buffs Duration 1h ,  3rd  class buffs  Duration 5m, Pet buffs duration 1 min
    Buffs slots: 20+4
    In order to do the Subclass quest you have to kill Cabrio
    In order to do the Noblesse quest you have to kill Barakiel
    Custom Weapons ( 5% more p attck/ m attck than normal S)
    Custom Apella Armors (4% higher stats than normal S )
    Custom Jewels(For e.g  10% resist to dagger )
    All bosses  have custom Drops
    RB Jewels only from Epic Raid Bosses (Baium,Antharas,Valakas , Zaken etc.)

    Enchant rates
     Safe +4 /Max +20 Weapons
    Safe +3 /Max + 15 Armors/Jewels
    Chance  Normal Enchants:55%,Blessed 65%

    Farming System

    Custom areas (Blazing Swamp,DVC,Elven Fortress)
    Custom Bosses
    Custom Spoil System
    S grade  Weapons special Crafting  system (Custom Spoil Materials & Farm Items)

    DDOS Protection  By Hyperfilter, Bots Protection (ACBP) We guarantee you   No Lags, No Corruption, Helpful & Friendly Staff

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