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    [L2J] L2-Activity Pride (Grand opening This July)
    « on: June 07, 2016, 07:16:34 AM »
    Welcome to lineage 2 Activity server.

    web page is under fix.

    Server is like L2-Pride interlude with extra features.


    Lineage 2 Activity

    Site is online

    Grand opening: 4/7/2016 BETA!
    Grand opening: 11/7/2016

    forum is online


    Gremlin 65 lvl.

    Sp 200x.
    Adena 1000x.

    Another mobs for simple farm.



    Main towns - Giran, Goddard.

    PvP towns:Goddard,orc village

    Olympiad zone Giran,goddard

    Passive balance skills
    all sub class on maximilian.
    extra skills to all characters for more balance

    easy enchant (7-16) balance dragonic/imperial/dark crystal/boss jewels

    max buff 56
    subclass lvl 62
    Allowed sub class 5

    custom ss effect
    custom pk guard

    56 buffs

    tvt red vs blue vs green (antharas lair) 15 minutes event 2 pure.

    killing spree 20 kills

    DM (halisha) 10 Not allowed (30 silver per kill) 15 minutes event.

    cov stuck with victorius,magnus
    Interlude Weapons are edited with more patk and matk.

    master blessing soul skill for mp.

    Another features

    custom welcome message
    custom pk guard
    custom pvp system
    Anti farm pvp system.
    Anti bot system
    shift + click to see droplist
    Stackable system
    Dont destroy ss (1)

    Safe enchant +7

    Max enchant +25
    On fail enchant return safe enchant +7.
    PvP colory system.
    Good edit about skill.

    ss effect.

    With PVP kills you change your name color's.
    100 PvPs - Trade Chat
    1000 PvPs - Blue Name
    2000 PvPs - Light Pink Name Name
    4000 PvPs - Green Name
    6000 PvPs - Grey Name
    8000 PvPs - Purple Name
    10000 PvPs - Global Chat

    Enchant system:
    From +7 to +10 Rate success 80%
    From +10 to +15 Rate success 60%
    From +15 to +20 Rate success 40%
    From +20 to +25 Rate success 30%

    Custom items
    |Titanium Armor| |Dread Armor| |Dynasti Armor| |Abbysal Armor|
    |Unique Weapons| |Dynasti Weapons| |Abbysal Weapons| |Epic Weapons|
    |Epic jewels| |Accesories| |Tattoo|

    Retail olympiad game.
    Competition period [1] week.
    Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00].
    olympiad only with s grade items.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26093.0
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