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    [L2j] L2 Alianza
    « on: July 23, 2015, 07:07:54 PM »
    Welcome to your next Lineage 2 Server, we are one of the best new servers around, with handmade files, npcs, and 98% of bugs fixes, we want to invite you to our grand openning the 25th of this month!! From now, you can join our beta test so you can see everything and propose new stuff.
    Our website is www.l2alianza.com
    Here is the information about our project :


      Experience: x50
      Skill Points: x50
      Adena Drop: x10
      Items Drop: x5
      Items Spoil: x5
      Raid Boss Drop: x2
      Grand Boss Drop: x1
      Quest Drop: x2
      Quest Reward: x5
      Manor: x2
      Fishing: x2
      Normal Enchant Chance: 66%
      Blessed Enchant Chance: 76%
      Safe Enchant: +4
      Max Enchant: +16
      Attribute Stone Chance: 45%
      Attribute Crystal Chance: 35%

    Special Stuff

      Buff Slots: 24 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
      Dances & Songs slots: 16
      Buff Time: 2 hours


      Period: 2 weeks
      Start time: 16 hs
      End time: 22 hs

    Sieges & Territories:

      Official like
      Incremented the rate of fame

    Custom Features:

      Drop Calculator
      Global Party Matching
      Champions & Bonus Monsters
      Private Buff Stores
      Private Offline Stores
      Global Vote Reward
      Player Control Panel
      Clan Leader Panel
      Player Report System
      Newbie Helper Startup System
      Item Auction System
      Drop Information Panel
      Player Information Panel

    Custom NPCs:

      Shop (everything up to S-Grade with retail prices)
      Global Gatekeeper
      Auction House

    Other Features:

      Auto loot items
      Auto learn skills
      Inventory capacity increased
      Inventory weight increased
      Sub-classes without quest
      Nevit System
      Vitality System

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24018.0
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