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    [L2J] L2 Country Start Today 4x Freya
    « on: June 26, 2015, 10:07:28 AM »

    Legendary Lineage 2 Kaimas -  a well known server with 9 years of history is opening its gates to all Lineage II fans around the world. We are very excited to deliver this trilling news about the fresh start in the end of May 2015. It’s a first time since 9 years when we announce a fresh start so don’t miss this opportunity to start your journey on this High-End L2 Server.

    Platform: L2CL is a completely new closed source platform which advantages are clean and neat code, exceptional quality, versatility and high performance (e.g. L2CL AI engine has more than 12 000 different AI types and more than 13mln. lines of code – no other private server has such a complex system). Besides, it uses official server scripts as its base.

    - active/strong/professional admin and dev team ( 4 people )
    - international mature community and true fans of L2
    - exceptional quality and stability
    - professional anti-bot and ddos protection
    - Frequent updates and daily support.
    - Spawns: dynamic spawn engine with territories, random spawns, spawning AI.
    - No GM shop[/size][/background]
    - No NPC buffer.[/size][/background]
    - Rewritten skill engine: now fully supports retail skill scripts (this includes: skill effects, cubic logic, transformations,    damage/success formulas, affect scopes, operate conditions and etc.)
    - NPC uses retail htmls and all shops/multisells are Freya based.
    - We use retail parameters as a base for all NPCs, items, skills and etc.
    - Retail like Sieges (Castles, Fortresses, Clan Halls).
    - Territory wars, including Quests and rewards.
    - Nevits blessing system.
    - All retail quests based on new AI engine. Less bugs and no more hassles to complete a quest.
    -All Freya zones:
      1) Plains of lizardmen,
      2) Sel Mahum Barracks,
      4) Beast Farm,
      5) Seed of Anihilation and etc.
      6) Kamaloka,
      7) Rim Kamaloka,
      8 )Pailaka,
      9) Labyrinths of Abyss,
      10) Dark Cloud Mansion,
      11) Crystal Caverns,
      12) Hellbound (all 11 stages),
      13) Tower of Infinitum (Demon Prince and Ranku),
      14) Tower of Naia,
      15) Tully’s Workshop,
      16) Seed of Infinity (with Ekimus),
      17) Seed of Destruction (with Tiat),
      18) Seed of Annihilation,
      19) Ice Queen’s Castle (mighty Freya),
      20) Cavern of the Pirate Captain (daydream and nightmare Zaken) and etc.
    - Retail like and custom events and tournaments.
    - Retail Olympiad.
    and way more… : )

    Server Machine:
    CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz
    RAM: 32 GB ECC RAM
    HDD: 2 x 120 GB Intel SSD RAID 1
    Operating System: FreeBSD
    Server Core: L2CL (Exceptional quality, frequent updates, closed-source development)
    Our moto:
    No Wipe 4ever (You can still be the best here, it is just a matter of time)
    XP: x4
    SP: x4
    Adena/ Drop/ Spoil: x4
    Raid Items Drop: x4
    Raid Jewels Drop: x1
    Fish Extracting: x4

    Visit us and experience how the real L2 server should look like.

    Link:  http://www.l2-country.eu/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23827.0