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    [L2J] L2-Cyrex New Season New Items(Interlude)!
    « on: June 05, 2015, 05:09:54 PM »
    ]Hello guys,
    Server has done a lot of updating and is starting a new life at June 6th 21:00(GMT +02).
    Weapons now have 3levels.Each level improves weapon's special ability.
    New collective added - PvP Coin. You can get this by slaying your enemies in PvP and Farm zones.

    Use this item to upgrade your weapons
    For more news visit server's WEBSITE
    Main info:
    Starting Level/Subclass Level - 1/40
    Offline shop system
    Rebirth system
    Castle sieges every week
    Currency - Not allowed Drakes
    4 Tattooes

    Chance: 70%
    Chance from 16+: 50%

    Chance - 8%
    Maximum 1 Active and 1 Passive

    Starts 18:00
    Ends 00:00
    Period - 1 week

    Unique items:
    Mighty boss slayer's trophy - Using this item will grant you few privileges:
    1) You can check Mighty Bosses' respawn time
    2) Higher augument chance(+5%)
    3) Black nickname color
    Valakas Tattoo - Dropped from Valakas.Enchants your stats.

    Vote system:
    Vote reward - Vote Coin.
    Vote coin can be used to buy items in shop
    You can also use vote coin to get Voter's buff.(Double click on Vote coin)

    Player of the Day - Unique Event.The man with most PvP in day becomes a hero for a next day.
    Period - 1 Day.
    Hero time - 1 Day.
    Event starting/ending - 00:00
    Commands - /daypvp (Shows TOP 10 Players of the Day)

    PvP Zone:
    ☑ When you enter the zone you get nobless effect.
    ☑ Entering the zone will change your nickname to "PlayerX" and your title to PvP and PK count.
    ☑ On zone enter you are set to Flag(Purple nick)
    ☑ Everytime you get a kill your title is refreshed
    ☑ Added respawn timer,you automatically respawn after 5seconds.
    ☑ If you press "To Village" you will be returned to the Main Town
    ☑ On respawn You get nobless effect
    ☑ Exiting the zone will change your nickname and title to your set.
    ☑ You can't exit or restart inside the zone.
    ☑ Neither you can have a party in zone.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23696.0
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