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    [L2J] L2 Dekatech - HF x20 - START 9.3.2018
    « on: March 06, 2018, 02:53:18 AM »
    Hello all, Eternal-World Team represents the server

    High Five 20x

    experience:20x | skill points:20x | adena:10x | drop:10x | spoil:15x

    BETA 5.3.2018 20:00 GMT+1 | START 9.3.2018 20:00 GMT+1


    Special features, events, rewards on the server

    No Over-Power Donate
    - Only basic items in Donate Shop

    Castle Sieges / Territory Wars / Grand Boss Zones
    - Bot protection
    (entry to the zones only one character per computer)

    Next Bot Protection
    - Antibot Protection SG, special Captcha system, max 5 open Clients

    Olympiad / Castle Sieges / Territory Wars
    - Every week + feed protection

    .getreward every 12 hours (Vote Rune, Items)
    - Reward from voting / L2Hopzone and L2Topzone /

    Grand Opening Event
    - Reward for all players on opening day

    Dressme for all players (Adena System)
    - Dressme cost: Adena
    / special Costumes, Cloaks, Shields, Hats and more /

    Clan reward
    - Every clan on the server get a special reward

    - Reward for Streaming

    Fight for Grand Bosses
    - The clan who killed
    Baium, Antharas or Valakas get Premium Coins

    Other Server Information

    Server Rate
    EXP: 20x
    SP: 20x
    Party EXP: 2x
    Party SP: 2x
    Spoil: 15x
    DropItems: 10x
    Adena: 10x

    Dressme for all players
    Cost: Adena

    Antibot S-Guard, special capctha system, max 5 open Clients

    Buffs Setting
    Max Buffs: 24 + 4
    Max Dances/Songs: 12
    Buffs time: 2 hours

    Enchant Setting
    Normal Enchant: 55%
    Blessed Enchant: 65%
    Safe enchant: +4
    Max enchant: +16

    Event Engine
    Protect the King
    Korean Style
    Team vs Team
    Capture the Flag
    Last Man Standing

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28214.0

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