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    Who are we?
    We started developing in 2005 like group of friends players like you, who were sick of servers closing and bugs..
    After 2 years of work we managed to become the favorite choice among lots of players with which help we moved to be top #1 private server by people online and stability.
    And nowdays we have over 700,000 accounts created in our database, milions visitors, most advanced High Five and Etheria private packs.
    Lineage 2 Realm and Lineage 2 World team will work together to deliver the highest quality long term server environment possible and are proud to present our new High Five project which will be launched after 1 month of massive worldwide advertise campaign and beta testing. With many surprises awaiting you ingame and forums.
    GRAND OPENING 29.07.2016
    OPEN BETA TEST 05.07.2016 - 22:00 GMT+2
    Website: http://lineage-realm.net/

    Exp/Sp: x15
    Party Bonus Rate: 2-25%, 3-40%, 4-50%, 5-60%, 6-70%, 7-100%, 8-110%, 9-120%
    Drop: chance 5, amount 1 (Recs-Keys 1)
    Adena: x10
    Spoil: x10
    SealStone: 5
    Safe Enchant: 3
    Max Enchant: 16
    Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 55%
    Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 60%
    Elemental Max. Level: Level 7
    Element Stone Rate: 50%
    Element Crystals Rate: 40%
    GrandBossDrop: x1
    Quest Drop: x5
    Quest Reward: x3
    Rate Extract Fish: x5
    Manor: x5
    Weight: x5

    Features / Configs

    Server, Site and Forum Time GMT+2.
    Buffs, Dances and songs Duration 2 hours.
    Buff Slots 24 (+4 Divine Inspiration).
    Dance and Songs Slots 14.
    Sieges and Territory wars every 2 weekends.
    1 month Olympiad period: every 1st of the month there will be new heroes.
    Olympiads Max Enchant = NoLimit for now (Items enchanted more then +6 have stats like +6 if we enable this later on).
    Olympiad Start Everyday from 21:00 to 00:00 GMT+2.
    GM Shop up to S-Grade.
    Starting Newbie pack.
    Unique Achievements System Tree.
    Special Vote Reward System (Higher reward for every vote banner and unique 100 % item after you cast your vote).
    Inventory and Slots increased.
    Droplist database Search Engine.
    New* Academy Search and Recruit system.
    Unique Augumentation System *New.
    New Nexus Event Engine with many unseen events.
    New unique Community Board.
    Underground Coliseum.
    Party-Matching System.
    Sub-Class without quest, Max sub Level 85.
    Auto Learn Skills.
    Auto Loot Configurable.
    Offline Buffers.
    Offline Shops.
    New Auction System (similar to Diablo)
    Visual System.
    Raidboss and GrandBoss Info.
    Wedding System.
    Champions System.
    Vitality System.
    40+ New Clan Halls.
    Auto Shots on Login
    Raidboss Info Respawn Times.
    Every 1 hour, 10 minutes Registration time, 15 minutes Duration.
    Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Tresure Hunt
    Korean Style, Last Hero, GM Hunter, Halloween. Freya Celebration
    April Fool's Day, Master of Enchanting, Gift of Vitality
    PcCafe Points Exchange, Summer Melons, Guild vs Guild (GvG)
    The flow of the Horror, The Fall Harvest, Collect Medal, World Drop Item
    L2 Day, Lindvior, Christmas, Saving Snowman, Change of Heart
    Fantasy Isle, March 8, Trick of Transformation
    Search Boss,  Defense of Towns (from mobs & raids attacks)
    Tournaments 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 9v9
    9vs9 Tournament: http://lineage-realm...-tournament.17/
    Mass Advertise With Rewards: http://lineage-realm...s-advertise.97/
    Clans Confirmed to Join: http://lineage-realm...ed-to-join.113/
    Apply for Streamer: http://lineage-realm...n-l2-realm.309/
    Introduce Yourself: http://lineage-realm...e-yourself.312/
    Giveaways: http://lineage-realm...s-giveaways.77/
    Every Friday Night 1 round of the brackets will be played.
    write in all chat .GMSHOP for Free Beta SHOP.
    Olympiad 24/7, Max Enchant Set to +6, Max Attributes on Armor & Weapon with single stone / crystal.
    Items auto enchanted +6 Max enchant +6 so you won't waste time in towns enchanting and attributing whole day and go straight to test/pvp.
    Augment manager - All active, passive skills to choose from - for your weapon.
    All skills Auto +30 +15 after 1 used Codex Mastery book on each.
    Subclases Auto 85, no Quest needed.
    Auto Noblesse, Quest items in our shop.
    Skill land chance percentage, Stats with .whoami, Healing recieved, Damage done/received, De-buffs on screen messages.
    No custom stuff like Olf's shirt and other dis-balancing items.


    High ingame protection for your Characters & Accounts.
    For complete satisfaction and pure gameplay with no more Scams, Theft, Bots we introduce to you our security methods below:
    Smartguard Newest updates anti-cheat protection.

    .Security command gives you the options to set password to your Character and everytime you login you MUST identify first with .security using your password set. If you fail to enter the correct password your account can't trade, drop, pvp, or anything.
    .Report - You can /target and report bad players (bots, fake shops, scamers, spamers etc).
    .Captcha - Opens randomly while you farm and you have to answer it. If you are afk or bot punishment is automatic.
    .HWID settings to lock your account per hardware id(only your computer can log it).

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