Author Topic: [L2j] L2 OPC is LIVE!  (Read 1067 times)

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    [L2j] L2 OPC is LIVE!
    « on: December 23, 2015, 09:57:52 PM »
    Server Rates:

    XP: x70
    SP: x70
    Party XP and SP: x1.50
    Adena Drop rate: x15
    Drop Items rate: x20
    Drop SealStones rate: x10
    Spoil rate: x20
    Drop Quest rate: x10
    Quests Reward rate: x5
    DropRaidBoss: x10
    Enchant Max: +16
    Enchant Safe: +3
    Simple Enchant Rates: 55%
    Blessed Enchant Rates: 66%

    Basic things

    Full working skill and quests, on the global balance.
    Working Fortress, Clan Hall and Castle siege
    Full fixed all Raid / Grand Boss (Zaken, Frintezza, Sepulchers, etc.)
    Augmentation fully working.
    Subclass without quest.
    Noble - The party who kills barakiel.
    Auto learn skills till 80LvL. except (Divine Inspiration).
    Autoloot system.
    Mammon NPCs added to Giran Castle Town
    Geodata, fully working.
    GM Shop Until A-grade
    100% Uptime.

    Getting your S-grade armor (IMPORTANT)

    We came up with a slightly different way of getting your S gear, you must gather stakato fangs from the “Zero hour quest”, which you will use to buy materials and S grade armor recipes. Also, Stakato nest’s monsters have tweaked drop and spoil, monsters in stakato nest drops all of the key materials for S grade weapons , whilst spoiling the monsters will give you tateossian jewelry key mats, which you will be able to purchase full from the GM SHOP.

    Raid boss special drop

    In order to make the hunting of raid boss an attractive thing to do in our server, the rbs will have a special item called “One Punch Coin” which will drop at a fixed rate, and you will be able to trade those coins for Epic jewelry such as QA, Zaken and Orfen.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/l2j-l2-opc-live/25104/


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      Re: [L2j] L2 OPC is LIVE!
      « Reply #1 on: December 27, 2015, 08:46:17 PM »
      Growing community join now, it's only a couple of days old!

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