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    L2 Simple x5000 Server Info      www.l2simple.com
    Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Interlude

       Server rates:
          XP/SP               X5000   
          Adena               X1      
          Drop Items            Custom   
          Drop RaidBoss                 Custom
          Drop RaidBoss Jewelery            X1
       Profession & etc.
          All proffesions                 Free
          Subclasses            Free
          Noblesse            10.000 FA
       Enchant rates:
          Scrolls            70%
          Blessed Scrolls         75%
          Crystal Scrolls         100%
          Max ehchant(for all scrolls)   +20
          Safe ehchant         +3
       Augument Skill Rates:
          Mid Grade LifeStone              15%
          High Grade LifeStone           20%
          Top Grade LifeStone      30%
       Augument Skills:
          Active Skills         x1
          Pasive Skills         x1
       Server Features: Chronicle Interlude (Others may call T0 or C6)
          (2h buff time)
          36 +4 buff slot
          Auto Registration
          Free B grade
          A grade cost Adena
          S grade cost FA
          Castle Siege
          Commercial Geodata
          Custom Noblesse Manager
          Full fixed all Raid / Grand Boss
          Auto Events: TvT, DM, CTF, LH every 1 hour different event
       Epic Boss:
          Antharas: 14+2 hours*
          Valakas: 20+2 hours*
          Baium: 14+2 hours*
          Halisha: 10+2 hours*
          Zaken: 10+2 hours*
          Queen Ant: 10+2 hours*
          Orfen: 5+1 hours*
          Core: 5+1 hours*
       Raid Boss:
          Kernon: 4+2 hours*
          Ember: 4+2 hours*
          Kerinne: 4+2 hours*
          Brakki: 4+2 hours*
          Golkonda: 4+2 hours*
          Galaxia: 4+2 hours*
          Anakim: 4+2 hours*
          Repair player            .repair
          Offline Shop            .offline
          Online members              .online      
          Server information          .status
          TvT Join                     .tvtjoin
          TvT Leave                    .tvtleave
          DM Join                     .dmjoin
          DM Leave             .dmleave
          CTF Join                     .ctfjoin
          CTF Leave            .ctfleave
          Last Hero Join            .lhjoin
          Last Hero Leave         .lhleave
          Block buffs / Unblock buffs    .blockbuff
          Olympiad system Every 1 Weeks (Full Working), Retail Olympiad.
          Olympiad start 18:00 and end 24:00
          Heroes Change Every Monday
          Validation period 24h

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