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    L2J L2Aaron.com WIPE!!! Grand Opening 30.06.2017
    « on: June 22, 2017, 03:49:01 PM »


    The moment you have been waiting for has arrived!

    Welcome to Lineage 2 Aaron Ocean x150 Interlude !

    A server made by players, for players !

    Below you will read all the available features of our new server.
    This time, server has been designed for a High rate without craft and awesome, unique gameplay.
    We do not use the original vote system like all the other servers out there but we use vote system just for noblesse and hats.
    After months of hard work and all the suggestions from our community all these years, server will be full of action, without afk players!

    Server WebSite: l2aaron.com
    Server Forum: l2aaron.com/forum/
    Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GamingLineage2/

    Server Rates

    Exp Rates: x150
    SP Rates: x150
    Adena: x 35
    Party Exp: x 1.3
    Party SP: X 1.3
    Start: Level 40 with full A-Grade items

    Enchant Rates

    Safe +4 for armor
    Safe +4 for weapons
    Safe +4 for jewls
    Max +16 for weapons/armors/jewels
    Normal Enchant Scrolls 70%
    Blessed Enchant Scrolls 80%
    Normal Enchant if Enchant fail the item broke
    Blessed Enchant if Enhant fail the item become -1 scroll
    *Blessed scroll : if you use the blessed scroll with your weapon +14 and failed the item become +13
    if the scroll is success the item become +15

    Augmentation Rates

    Mid Life stone lvl 76 - 5%
    High grade life stone lvl 76 10%
    Top grade life stone lvl 76 20%
    Augments 1+1


    Buffs Slots   
    26 + 4
    Buffs time 2 hours

    AIO Buffer

    Self Buffs
    Scheme buffs
    Max schemes per player 4
    Noblesse in buffer
    All buffs in buffer
    All resist in buffer
    Cat / Pony in buffer (No Flu & Malaria)


    Team vs Team
    Capture the Flag
    Last man Standing

    Extra Features

    Max Subclasses:  4
    Subclass starting 76 LvL
    Stuckable scrolls
    Stuckable Life Stones
    Stuckable Bogs
    Automatic Potion for healing potion / mana potion / cp potion
    Antibuff shield / xp
    All items in gmshop (A items/consubles you can buy them for free)
    Subclass free
    Noblesse you can get buy killing barakiel or with vote coins
    Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
    Economy System Based on Adena
    Main town Giran & Goddard
    PvP Animation with red colors
    Anti - Bot System SmartGuards
    Ddos Protected Machine
    Auto Learn Skills
    Auto Pick up
    Wedding System
    Ranking System
    All Bosses 80 lvl

    Custom Items In Game

    Dusk Shield
    Monster Shield
    Energy Tattoo (+500 health)
    RaidBoss Token
    PvP Token
    Vote Coins
    Noblesse Coin
    Clan & Rep Coin
    Donate Coin
    Surpise Box (Lucky Box)
    Custom Accessory Bamboo Hats etc you can buy them with vote coins

    Custom Clan System

    Create a clan = lvl 8 instantly
    Max Clan Members = 20 (Max Side with ally & Clan 5 Party)
    Max Clan ally = 1
    Automatic Custom item for clan skills + Rep
    All your members of your clan have all the clan skills (u dont need to create Royal Guards & Knights)

    Custom PVP System with restrictions (Solo PVP Zone)

    PvP Zones change every hour to 3 different area
    Pvp zone restrictions:
    * No Bishops/Support class can enter
    * You Cant use party inside to the zone
    * You can write in clan/party/alliance chat
    * if You write to all your name will be Duelist: Hello! Instead of test: Hello!
    * Your name will be Change with you class name
    * Auto Noblesse
    * Your Tittle / clan crest / ally crest will removed
    * Only IN Pvp Zone You can get pvp token
    * Feed is not allowed
    * to leave pvp zone just press .exit ( this command works only in pvp zone)
    Custom Item For PvP Tokens

    If you double click on this item you get a panel with all your info you need

    Server Npc's

    Global Gatekeeper
    Password Changer
    Siege Npc
    RaidBoss Info
    Olympiad Ranking
    Top pvp/pk Manager
    Donation Shop
    Symbol Maker
    Maximilian with all subs
    Custom Buffer Scheme's & Self Buffs
    Augmenter & Skill Enchant With out exp / sp
    Vote Manager

    Server Commands

    .menu (Personal menu panel with all options you need)
    .online (You can see the online players)
    .repair (You can use it to un bug your character)
    .info (You can see all the information about the server)
    .register (To register in events)
    .unregister (unregister in events)
    .exit (exit from pvp zone only)
    /unstuck (15 sec to teleport)

    Siege & Olympiad ( Hero only from olympiad we do not not use hero coin anymore )

    Siegable Castles

    Rune Castle
    Goddard Castle
    Gludio Castle
    Giran Castle
    Siege period: 1 Week
    Olympiad Period 1 Week
    Good Balance between Classes
    Max Enchant in olympiad +4

    Server Custom Zones

    Party zone (You can enter inside with 3+ players)
    Custom Farm Zones lvl 76 +
    Drops Adena / LS / Bogs

    Raid Bosses And Epic Bosses

    All bosses zones are chaotic Zones

    Barakiel Boss: Respawn Time 3 Hours | Drops: Noblesse Coins & Raid Boss Tokens
    Ocean Boss: Respawn Every Day 19:00 GMT +3 | Drops: Raid Boss Tokens
    7 Normal Bosses: Respawn Time 3 Hours | Drops: Raid Boss Tokens
    Queen Ant Boss: Respawn Time 4 Hours | Drops: Queen Ant Ring & Raid Boss Tokens
    Zaken Boss: Respawn Time 4 Hours | Drops: Zaken Earring & Raid Boss Tokens
    Antharas Boss: Respawn Time 5 Hours | Drops: Antharas Earring & Raid Boss Tokens
    Baium Boss: Respawn Time 4 Hours | Drops: Baium Ring & Raid Boss Tokens
    Valakas Boss: Respawn Time 5 Hours | Drops: Valakas Necklase & Raid Boss Tokens

    We hope you enjoy the changes made this season! Feel free to use our forum, read our news and post your opinions!

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27503.0