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[L2J] L2AgainsT - H5 x77 - SUMMER LOTUS
« on: June 16, 2020, 11:12:38 AM »

Hello, my friends!
I think we have fulfilled all the promises we made during our first x7 server, which is still online! So we would like to invite everyone to the summer version, full of challenges and PVPs that we have been preparing all this time. The server has been prepared for RU community too :)
Our changelog: https://forum.l2against.eu/forumdisplay.php?fid=7

So.. Every player who loves to PvP 1 vs 1 or even team vs team,  should call his friends and create a party to rape some asses in the game! This project is created for people, so you must join our community!
Everything is described in the bellowed specifications.
The concept can be changed a little, but all changes are going to be mentioned here and on our website/forum.
You can discuss and suggest your ideas on our Forum and by participating in our Polls.
Open Beta Tests: 03 July 2020 (counter on website)
Grand Opening Date: 10 July 2020 (counter on website)

Question: What is your policy like?

    No more hidden code(eg. boost statistics), everything here is public(including changes).
    No more corruptions
    Server for people, because people create community!

Question: What about bots? Do you have any solution?
Answer:  Everyone, who has played or still playing knows how we approach such players. There are not second chances, but we gonna clear all HWID/IP bans for this summer server.

Question: Do you allow any change in an interface?
Answer: Unfortunately no, but we've prepared awesome interface, so it won't be necessary to change it.

Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: Forum, Discord, Facebook
General information
Server Platform: Java Files (PTS OFF-LIKE)
Drop&Spoil:  based on l2jserver.com
Maximum Clients per HWID :

    1+1 without premium
    1+3 with premium

Auto Learn Skills: up to 85lvl
Auto Loot: On
GM Shop: up to S grade
Mana Potions: Mana Potions ( works like greater healing potion) --> 100mp/second in PVP/PVE for 12 seconds, 20(8) seconds delay.
Auto CP/HP/MP: On
PvP zones: All epics & 3rb
Updates: Every 1-2 weeks
Certifications: Working on all subclasses
Classic War System
Daily Raid Boss
Debuffs: The player is immuned on the same debuff if he has it. Next one(identical) has a lower chance to land rate for a few seconds
Exp: x77                           
SP: x77                           
Adena: x50
Quest Reward: x5 
Quest Items: x5                     
Epaulettes: x4
Drop/Spoil Chance: x10
 Raid Boss Drop: х3
Drop/Spoil: x1 / x2
Available from the server Grand Opening. As a bonus, voting players can get Life Stones, Attribute Stones/Crystals, Scrolls of Enchantment (weapon/armor), Vote coin. In addition, every 12h players receive vote rune, which gives +5% to PVP/PVE Damage/Defence.
Game Currency:
The game has 5 different currencies that you can use in the shop:
Adena - you can get it by killing monsters in the game world.
Credits - special currency players can receive by supporting us (for premium). (donation)
Donate coin - to get DC you need to exchange your credits 1:1.
Festival Adena -received for participating in events.
Vote Coin - received for voting on our server (all links on the website).

1st profession: free
2nd profession: free
3rd profession: 10kk
Subclass: 20kk
Max subclass level: 85
All certifications from main class working on subclasses (no more making X characters)
There is an exception, e.g. If you have tank on subclass and  you wanna play on him at the same time, tank certs won't be transferred. Its obvious, cause tank cannot have tank's certs.
Noblesse: Quest or 70 donate coins



Declaring war will also be available by killing enemy members(both sides). If one of the sides kill a member of the enemy clan (only PvP), the counter will increase by one. If the counter reaches 10 kills in one day between both clans, the war will be automatically accepted. What's more, both clans will get a punishment, if they cancel the war(removing one random Clan-skill). The penalty will last one day.


Buffer is available in the menu by Alt+B.
Buff duration: 1 hour.
Number of slots: 24 buffs, 12 songs/dances
You cannot use Alt+B buff during the battle as well as 10 seconds after the resurrection.
Craft buffs - not available(Our agathions have it, but the skills do not working on olympiad)
-Dance of berserker (2min) - not available
-Dance of Shadow (4min)


Safe: +3
Max: +16
Enchant Chance: 60%
Blessed Enchant Chance: 66%
Each enchant up the success of enchant decreasing by 2%(progressive)
Enchant Attribute: 60%
Enchant Crystal Attribute: 40%


Olympiad start: 13.07.2020
Olympiad duration: Every week
Limit: 1 account (HWID)
Number of people required: 6
Max enchant: 16 (on beta +6)
Rewards: A little bit divided.


Queen Ant, Core, Orfen will spawn after first week 13.07.2020
Baium, Antharas, Valakas after 1-2 weeks
Warsaw time +1 GMT
Queen Ant 40lvl: every  2 days 18:00 +1h window
Core: every 2 days (random respawn) – date and exact time alt+b
Orfen: every 2 days (random respawn) – date and exact time alt+b
Baium 80lvl : Friday(every week 18:00 +2h window)
Antharas: Saturday (every 2 weeks 18:00 +2h window)
Valakas: Sunday (every 2 weeks 18:00 +2h window)
Beleth: Monday(Every week 18:00 +1h)



 The exact date won't appear in alt+b and the window has been changed to 1H. From now on, they are more difficult to kill, but also the reward has been increased. From now on, you can exchange two, normal  rings/earring for one improved.
a) Improved Ring of Core
- +5% P. ATK.
- +3% PVP Defence
- Base m def = 60
b) Improved Earring of Orfen
- +5% Mental Resist
- +5% Healing Power
- Base m def = 94
We reserve the right to change these epics if it will be necessary.

The minimum number of players for entrance the main Instance Zones:
Night Zaken: 36 characters (1-85 level)
Higher Daytime Zaken: 9 characters (78-85 level)
Freya normal: 9 characters(80-85lvl) (deleted movies)
Freya hard: 11 characters (82-85 level) (deleted movies)
Frintezza: 9 characters (80-85 level) (deleted movies)

    Last Hero
    PC Bang Point event
    Treasure Chest


OBT starts on Friday 3rd of July at 18:00 (GMT+2 Warsaw time)
OBT ends on Tuesday 9th of July at 18:00 (GMT+2 Warsaw time)

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=29707.0
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