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    [L2J] L2Among - Custom // 05.02.2016
    « on: January 20, 2016, 09:48:49 PM »

    Notice: These features are about the BETA SEASON (1) , please feel free to send us any kind of understandable information.
    = SEASON 1 OPENING : succesfully ended=
    =SEASON 2 GRANDOPENING : 05.02.2016(05 FEBRUARY)

    Are you sick of playing full corrupted servers and fully unbalance game play?
    Are you bored of seeing the server all the time exploited and corrupted by minor admins?
    If yes, L2Among is the best place for you !

    Our team has designed and created this server with care and stability to enable you to stay with us in this long term project. If you and your friends are seeking a server with lots of actions, custom items and hardworking staffs, then you came to the right place!
    We have everything from interlude skills to custom TVT, Raid events and everything in between.
    L2Among is going to provide you unexpected moments, memories and friendship you've never seen before.
    Why you shuld join?
    Stable and longlasting economy system !
    DDoS Protected Server !
    Daily updates !

    About the server staff
    L2Among Staff is composed of two mad PHD IT scientists, which are leading experts within their field of work.
    The goal of this project is customer satisfaction and providing a professional service for the joy of our community.
    We are really proud of having you here, do you want to know more things about our server?
    Our server uses powerful equipment capable of with standing a lot of users, replication, Parallel Backup, cleaning / optimization of Database
    A broad and robust Internet channel will provide a nice game.
    Chronicles Server: Interlude - Customized.
    Rates: Exp: x5.000, Sp: x5.000.0, Adena: x5.000.0
    Occupation is taken free of charge, the rapid development of the character.
    On our server there is no penalty for things.
    Here you will find exciting and interesting game.

    Chance with normal scrolls 70% - Chance with crystal scrolls 80% - Chance with blessed scrolls 100%
    Safe: +3 - Maximum for all items with normal scrolls: +16. - Maximum for all items with crystal scrolls:+20.


    You DO NOT need quest.
    Up to 3 subclasses.

    Newbie Features:
    - Newbie Players start with Lvl 40.
    - Newbie Players start with 350kk Adena.
    - Newbie Plyaers start in Level Zone.

    Buff System:
    Buffer: All buffs.
    Buff Slots: 60.
    Debuff Slots: 6.
    Buff time: 2 hours.
    AIO Buffer System [donate] - You can order and take it via Donate.

    Spawn Protection:
    Protects you 35s from getting spawn killed.

    War Legend System:

    After 4 kills in a row without dying , an announce appear with how many kills in a row you have.

    NPC Crest:
    Show clan, alliance crests for territory NPC's.

    Global & Individual Vote reward specifications:
    We have a special vote reward system which is based on vote stones.
    With every 10 votes, all online players will be automatically rewarded with 10 Vote Stones.
    if you vote from our NPC you will recive 10 Vote Stones per vote.
    Don't think that we forgot about dual-box. If you go in the event with dual-box or if you are online with many characters when vote reward is recived, you will get the points just on one character.

    Other Working & Protection Systems
    PC Bank Point System.
    C1 - C6 Skills Fully Working.
    Fully working C6 Olympiad & Sieges.
    Augmentation working
    Grandbosses Fully working.
    Very good protection against DDoS & DOS attacks.
    Server side & Client side protection coded that protects server from 3rd party programs.
    Cheat Protection to avoid illegal actions such as wearing overenchanted items.
    Anti-KS System. The player who gets the drop is the one with the most damage, and not the one with the last hit.
    Anti Boot System.
    Cursed Weapon System (Zariche and Akamanah).
    Balanced Classes & Skills.
    Working Geodata & Pathnode.

    Olympiad period 1 week, daily start at 18:00.
    Before each match, additional skills are loaded.
    To start the game it takes at least 6 people.
    Feed protection from flooding points with a single IP.
    Hero weapons CAN NOT be enchanted.

    Other Normal Functions
    Main Town - Giran
    All subclass in one
    Starting Level - 40
    Augment Skills: 1 active OR 1 passive. [Chance will be announced soon]
    Custom Items (Epic & Icarus) with balanced stats.
    Custom Events
    Custom Bosses
    Custom Farm Areas
    GM Shop with everything you need
    Scheme & Normal Buffer with all buffs
    Noblesse Manager in Giran
    Custom Killing Spree System
    AutoVoteReward Vote System & Individual Vote System
    KS protection enabled on all farm zones
    Geodata and Pathnodes
    PvP count enabled in sieges/arenas
    Antibot Protection
    Wedding System
    Auto Learn Skills
    Anti-feed Olympiad Protection
    IP/HWID Protection
    Siege Lord player login auto announcement
    PVP/PK name color start from 100 PvPs/PKs
    Fully implemented a system of clans, clan-hall remaked.
    To declare war, the clan must have 15 members.
    Max Numbers of Clan in Ally 2.

    Feel free to inform us if you have any suggestions to further improve this server. And don't forget, we are working and improving the server on a daily basis. Therefore, remember to vote for us!

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      Re: [L2J] L2Among - Custom // 05.02.2016
      « Reply #1 on: February 01, 2016, 10:50:57 PM »
      BUMP !
      3 DAYS !!


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        Re: [L2J] L2Among - Custom // 05.02.2016
        « Reply #2 on: February 03, 2016, 11:43:31 PM »
        BUMP! One day !


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          Re: [L2J] L2Among - Custom // 05.02.2016
          « Reply #3 on: February 05, 2016, 02:38:55 AM »
          8 Hours more !

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