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    [L2J] L2Benz x 1000 Interlude Custom
    « on: September 04, 2016, 11:58:59 AM »
    ★ L2Benz Coming Soon★
    ★ Grand Open 24/9/2016 18:00 GMT+2★
    ★ Interlude Client Custom Server x1000 With Alot of Feauters (Check Facebook Page/Forum For More)★
    ►Server Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaJG1PMkovk
    ►Server WebSite: Lineage 2 Benz Interlude
    ►Server Forum: L2Benz - Index page
    ►Favebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/L2Benz/
    ►Check Forum Events For Clan Event

    ★Chronicle: Lineage Interlude
    •Rates: 1000x
    •Main Town: Giran
    •Max level: 85

    ★Enchant Rates★
    •Safe Enchant : 4
    •Max Enchant: 25
    •Normal Scroll chance: 75%
    •Blessed Scroll chance: 85% (Max +16)
    •Crystal Scroll Chance: 100%

    ★2 Tier Weapons★
    •Lindvior Weapons - Tier 1
    •Valakas Weapons - Tier 2

    ★2 Tier Armors★
    •Exile Armor - Tier 1
    •Valkyria Armor - Tier 2

    ★Upgradable Raid Boss Jewels★
    •Core -> Improved Core -> Blessed Core
    •Orfen -> Improved Orfen -> Blessed Orfen
    •Baium -> Improved Baium -> Blessed Baium
    •Queen Ant -> Improved Queen Ant -> Blessed Queen Ant

    ★5 types of Elemental Shirts with Awakening Powers★

    ★Farm Items currency★
    •Ancient Adena
    *Red Libra ( from boss, low chance from mobs, from champions etc... )

    ★Farm Zones★
    •Level Zone
    •Cruma Tower ( custom ) - Solo Zone
    •Underground Temple of Prayer - Hard Zone - party recommended

    ★Raid Bosses★
    •Chaos Van Helsing
    •Halisha PVP ZONE
    *Exiled Anakim ( The Lindvior Guardian ) - location inside Undeground Temple of Prayer Secret Boss Room

    ★PVP Zone★
    •Need type: .exit to leave the zone.
    •Auto flag when enter the zone.
    •Auto nobless when enter and when respawn.
    •Auto respawn in 10 seconds.
    •Respawn full HP/CP/MP.
    •Show HP/CP/MP left of your killer.

    ★Server NPC★
    •Rank manager - Display PvP/Pk Ranking top 10.
    •Augmenter/Skill enchanter 2 in 1.
    •Custom Gm Shop
    •Custom Shop - Upgrade Armor/Weapon
    •Raid Boss Manager - Displays info about Raid's status(Alive or Dead).
    •Global Teleporter.
    •NPC Buffer(with all buffs including malarias).
    •Service NPC - Sell all augments directly to your weapon.
    •Class Changer.
    •All in 1 NPC Warehouse.
    •Symbol Maker.
    •Auction NPC - Buy Clan Hall.
    •Siege Manager.
    •Class Master NPC(All subclasses in one NPC, including Overlord).

    ★Special Items★
    •Clan rep Scroll.
    •Premium Rune ( x2 all rates for 24 hours ).
    •Recommend item - Get instantly 255 rec.
    •Clan Coin - Get instantly clan lvl 8.
    •Clan Skills Coin - Get instantly all clan skills.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26449.0
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