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[L2J] L2Cleo 50x
« on: January 03, 2016, 05:18:33 PM »
New Server Start Date Announced Mid-Rates 50x .
Hello everyone, all players Lineage2 . It started at MID - RATE create a server with a rate of 50x , a new server , a new community that we want to become bigger and more populated . A RETAIL be a server , and works all the quests are available , as well as all -boss raid , the server will be a BUFFER , an NPC changed, Rebirth Manager, GMSHOP and class for class change everything is free .

Website : http://l2hiperdia.com/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lineage2cle...6345547102194/


Rate Xp = 50x
Saturday Double Xp = 100x
Rate Sp = 50x
Rate Party Xp = 2x
Rate Party Sp = 2x
Rate Drop Adena = 35x
Rate Drop Items = 1x
Rate Raid Drop Items = 1x
Rate Drop Spoil = 10x
Rate Drop Manor = 10x
Rate Quest Drop = 5x
Rate Quest Reward = 10x
Rate Quest Reward XP = 2x
Rate Quest Reward SP = 2x
Rate Quest Reward Adena = 7x
Buffs Time = 1 hours
For your security, we added a "PIN", you must write "/pin" and now you set the PIN.
Custom starting items for NEWBIE players
Fighter Character starting with 5x Looted Goods - Fighter Cargo box
Mage Character starting with 5x Looted Goods - Mage Cargo box
Every SATURDAY we have double (X2) "100x" XP(Experience)
We have "HopZone" vote reward. For start we need for 5 votes
For small reward the system give auto 5KK Adena + 1 Gift Coupon Voting
for reward, and we have 20 votes you receive a "BIG REWARD".
For Big reward the system give auto 1 Silver Fish is (100kk ADENA) + 1 Gift Coupon Voting
Safe/Max = +3/+4, Max = Retail
Normal Enchant Rate Success = 66%
Blessed Enchant Rate Success = 66%
Crystal Enchant Rate Success = 66%

Till Grade B

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25151.0
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