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    Link : http://l2day.ru/
    Rates :   
    Exp: x30
    Drop: x30
    Spoil: x10
    Adena: x30
    Spam is not allowed Stone: x10
    Quest Drop: x5
    Quest Reward: x1
    Raid Boss: x1
    Epic Raid Boss: x1

    Beginning of the game:
    Start location: Dion.
    Character: 15 lvl.
    Inventory: 25k aden.
    Skills: 1 exchange 500k Apiga and back. Block Buff.

    Farm Area:
    Cooking and Ketra: Festival Adena drop 30%, Mid-Grade LS 0,5%, Top-Grade LS 0,1%.

    List RB from which fall CoL:
    It will be announced later.

    Mobs champions:
    HPx10: 1% chance to spawn.
    HPx50: 1% chance to spawn.

    Adena: the standard currency of Lineage 2.
    Apiga: 1 pc = 500kk. You can get from 500kk specials. skills.
    Ancient Adena: can be obtained by exchanging Spam is not allowed Stone that knock in the catacombs and the Necropolis.
    Festival Adena: can be embossed in the farm areas with 30% probability. For them you can buy AS grade recipes GM Shop.
    Coin of Luck: abbreviated as COL, Donat currency, you can buy A, S grade weapons and armor.

    GM Shop: D, C, B grade weapons, armor, nipples. Banks MP / HP. AS grade weapons and armor recipes for Festival Adena.
    Buffer: All buffs. Premium buffs (cat, horse, etc.) for the Festival Adena.
    Class Master: you can buy 1, 2 and 3 profession for Adena (1k, 100k, 10kk)
    Service: painting nickname and the title, change the nickname and sex. Selling nublesa. LVL + clan clan skills.

    Clans and Alliances
    Level of Clan: rises in the classical way and when Festival Adena.
    Clans in the alliance: 3.

    Clan halls
    For Sale: for Festival Adena (drop in farm areas).

    Subclass and Nubles
    Sub-class: no quest, just go up and take it. Available 3 units.
    Noblesse: no quest, you only need to finish nubles RB (Barakiel) in the party and being on 76+ subclass. Respawn Barakiel every 8 hours.

    Slots 26 for buff.
    Time: 3 hours.
    Block Buff: skill which prohibits to impose upon you buff other players.
    Profiles: Profile 4 convenient to maintain their buffs.
    Pet: Buffer for your pet.

    Start every day at 18:00.
    Cycle time: 10 days. It means that the issue of heroism on our server every 10 days.

    Maximum sharpening: 16 weapons and armor.

    Locks: the siege on our server only three castles. Every week.
    Aden: every Sunday at 20:00.
    Giran: every Saturday at 21:00.
    Dion: every Friday at 21:00.

    Chance skill: 7%.
    Drop Life Stone: in the farm areas (cooking and Ketra). Mid-Grade LS 0,5%, Top-Grade LS 0,1%.
    Features: You can buff active drugs and arms to put on a passive (as in the PTS).

    Epic Raid Boss (all dead at the start)
    Respawn epic RB: fixed at the exact time.
    Queen Ant: respawn every Tuesday and Friday at 20:00. Pg 80 lvl. In the spawn AQ implemented PvP-zone.
    Zaken: respawn every Thursday at 21:00. Pg 80 lvl. Pg 80 lvl. In the spawn Zaken'a implemented PvP-zone.
    Frintezza: respawn every Saturday at 20:00.
    Valakas: respawn every Monday at 21:00.
    Antharas: respawn every Tuesday at 21:00.
    Baium: respawn every Wednesday at 21:00

    TvT Event
    Start: 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:30, 00:00.
    Prizes: 3 Mid-Grade LS and 20 Festival Adena.

    Auto-Restart: 05:00.
    Limitation window 4.
    Ddos-protection: StormWall.
    Game-protection: SmartGuard. :

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25131.0

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