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    Remember, the L2Emora is a private server, playing on this server is a privilege - not a right.

    Something about us:
    Lineage 2 Emora is the server managed by experienced, hardworking, and reliable developers and admins.
    Lineage 2 Emora is hosted on specially prepared dedicated machine (located in France) which guarantees excellent transfer without lags or delays caused by the server indisposition. Server files are daily updated around the clock. Tight and trusted staff without any recrutation makes the server clear from corruption and
    GM's friends. If you choose to play on Lineage 2 Emora and you like rivalries in the spirit of fair play we guarantee you excellent fun for months or even years! (We say no to 2 weeks max projects, and we wont lost enthusiasm like others)

    Why should you choose our server?
    Here are plenty of reasons why:
    We are NOT opening this server to fight the competition away.
    We are opening this server so that all of our players will gain the most exciting, emotional , and destructive gaming experience.
    Our aim is to provide to all of the oncoming players of this server the most technically efficient and enjoyable experience of the everyday 2nd world of Fantasy, Lineage II.
    We can prove it to you by giving you the best support and all of the constant updates.
    We consider ourselves as a team that meets the needs of our community.
    We want to co-operate with our player community and we hope to improve the server by this, as well as with our own observations.
    We offer you playing at the server for free, therefore come and take part in all of the deadly battles against other players and creatures from the world of Lineage II.
    Fight for castles and then protect them, make clans and show the rest that You're the Best!

    Our goal is to provide you with a stable, lag-less, and enjoyable experience!

    Retail Features
    EXP: 5000.0x, SP: 5000.0x, Drops: 1x, Spoil 1x, Adena: 5000.0x
    Interlude Client - L2J (JAVA) Server
    Not Costomized (Items)
    Auto Learn Skills
    100% Working Skills
    100% Working Geodata
    Cursed Weapon System (Zariche and Akamanah)
    60 Buff slots
    10 Debuff slots
    Free Class Change
    Balanced Classes & Skills
    100% Working Augmentation
    100% Working Olympiad System
    100% Working Fusion Skills
    All Castle & Fortress Working
    Max. Level 80

    Custom Features
    Unique Protection System Server side & Client side protection coded that protects server from 3rd party programs.
    Spawn Protection Protects you from getting spawn killed.
    Anti Buff Protection Protects you from getting bad buffed by other players.
    Armor Penalty This penalty removes the ability to use another armor then your armor mastery allows.
    Talking Island Town Trade Center & GM Shops.
    GM Shops - All the GM Shops are up to S Grade and placed in Talking Island and all other towns.
    NPC Buffer Up to 2nd class buffs included.
    Buffs Time Normal & Special Buffs: 2 hour.
    Automated events with new areas. (Every 1 hour).
    Special Killing Spree system.
    PvP/Pk Colors.
    Special Ranking Manger so you can see live the other players stats.
    Enchant Safe 3, Maxim 10, with Crystals 16.
    Enchant Rates 60% Normal , 75% Blessed, 90% Crystal.
    Level Penalty 20 levels penalty removed.
    Clan Item - This item give you clan lvl 8 and full skills.
    Noblesse For noblesse you'll need to kill Barakiel and all your party will become nobless or you can get the item by participating at events.
    Olympiad System Due the feeds we well use Non-Class Based System only, the Hero session is 1 week. You need at least 25 pvps to join in Olympiad.
    Augmentation System - The chance for High LifeStone is 7% and the chance for Top LifeStone is 15%
    Siege Reward System By winning a castle all the clan members will be rewarded withsome goods.

    Custom Item Stats
    Mage Tatto = Increase +100 Casting Speed
    Fighter Tatto = Increase +100 Atack Speed
    Mage Mask = Increase 10% P.Atk , 10% MP/CP/HP, 5 Speed.
    Mage Fighter = Increase 10% M.Atk , 10% MP/CP/HP, 5 Speed.

    Custom & Grand Bosses Informations

    Grand Bosses
    1. Valakas/Antharas/Queen Ant/Zaken/Baium/Frintezza (Respawn 10h +/-) [AUTO - FLAG]
    Droplist: Crystal Scrolls S or A or B Grade Weapons/Armors = 2 - 3x with 100% drop chance
    Secret Book of Giants (BOGs) = 5 - 7x with 100% drop chance
    Top LS (15% Chance Rate) = 10- 15x with 100% drop chance
    Valakas/Antharas/Queen Ant/Zake'n/Baium/Frintezza Necklace/Earring/Ring = Earring 1x with 100% drop chance
    Seond Valakas/Antharas/Queen Ant/Zake'n/Baium/Frintezza Necklace/Earring/Ring = Earring 1x with 2% drop chance
    Mask of Fighter or Mask of Mage = x1 with 25% drop chance

    Custom Bosses
    1. Anakim/Lilith (Respawn 2h +/-)
    Droplist: Crystal Scrolls S or A or B Grade Weapons/Armors = 2 - 3x with 100% drop chance
    Farm Token = 400 - 500x with 100% drop chance
    Secret Book of Giants (BOGs) = 1 - 3x with 100% drop chance
    Top LS (15% Chance Rate) = 4 - 5x with 100% drop chance
    Clan Item = x1 with 30% drop chance
    Mask of Fighter or Mask of Mage = x1 with 15% drop chance

    2. Cursed Hero Boss (Respawn 8h +/-) [AUTO - FLAG]
    Droplist: Heroic Coin (24h hero stats)

    3. Barakiel (Respawn 6h +/-) [AUTO - FLAG]
    Droplist: Make all party nobless

    Mini RBs
    1. Benom/Plague Golem (Respawn 2h +/-)
    Droplist: High LS (7% Chance Rate) or Top LS (15% Chance Rate) = 2 - 3x with 100% drop chance
     Farm Tokens = 300 - 400x with 100% drop chance
    Tattoo of Fighter or Tattoo of Mage = x1 with 6% drop chance

    L2Emora - Clan Bonuses
    I wanted to inform all the big clans that are joining L2Emora that we are having a nice offer for all of them.
    Configure our server named L2 Emora required many sleepless nights, and therefore we hope that our efforts will find much acceptance among you as future players. If you have any questions, feel free to write and our team will be as soon as possible to answer questions bothering you.We think that we will not fail your expectations, and you will be happy to visit our server. We spent a lot of months working on it, and I bet plenty of you are excited to see it.

    www.l2emora.com (28 February 20:00 GMT+2)

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25444.0



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