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    [L2J] L2Fade.com - The best PvP High Five server around
    « on: August 05, 2016, 12:30:07 PM »

    We are glad to have you around and we hope you will enjoy playing with us.
    L2Fade is a totally customized server with amazing features such as rare and unique equipment, modified skills, dressme skins, wide PvP areas, Clan wars, Custom Instance, Olympiads, automated events and much more.

    Server Grand Opening on Thursday 1st of Septembet at 18:00 GMT +2

    Experience (EXP): x5000
    Skill Points (SP): x5000
    Adena: x1
    Drop Items: x5
    Posted Image
    Safe Enchant: 16
    Max. Enchant: 18
    Fade Scroll chance: 100%
    Elemental Max. Level: Level 7(Instant)

    Buffs, Dances and Songs duration: 2 Hours
    Buff Slots: 32
    Dance and Songs Slots: 14

    Server and Forum Time: GMT+2
    Max. Clients per PC: 6
    Olympiads Max. Enchant: +6
    Report System   
    Geodata and Pathnodes 
    Auto Learn Skills 
    Sub-class Free without Quest
    Sub-Class Max. Level: 85

    Custom Instance & Raid bosses
    Custom Armor & Weapon Tiers
    Shift Click (View Drops, Stats)
    Unique Community Board
    Full Statistic Manager
    PvP Reward System
    Report Bot System
    Droplist Search
    Dressme Skins
    PvP Zone
    Auto Potions(CP-MP-HP)
    Champions System
    Max Party Size: 10
    Wedding System
    Class Master
    Max. Sub class 3
    Auto Nobless

    Last Hero
    Vote Reward System
    Korean Style
    Custom/Manual Events

    .engange | .divorce

    Do not hesitate to register to our forums and join the community.

    Webpage: L2Fade.com – The best customized High Five server around
    Forum: L2Fade Community
    Facebook: Je browser bijwerken | Facebook
    Skype: L2Fade.com

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