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    Date of start -  15 MAY 18:00 Athens Time GMT+3!
    Platform: Java Lucera3  Chronicle: Interlude
    Rates: EXP: 1200x SP: 1200x Adena: 3000x Drop: 1x Spoil: 1x Quest: 20x
    See full list server features here Features List - Features - L2Festina Forums
    Main Website:  L2Festina Interlude PvP Server.Grand Opening 15 MAY 2016 | l2festina.com

    Safe Enchant +3 | Max Enchant +16

    Unique services:
    Unique auction in game
    Unique mail in game


    Start at level 20 in the TOP-D Grade equip, 500kk adena at startup.Sub-class without quest, Maximum 5 sub-classes, simplified the quest for the nobless, 36 slots buff, Buff lasts 2 hours.
    Small change can get by typing .bank deposit and .bank withdraw
    Added ability to enable \ disable the automatic use points (CP \ MP \ HP). activation .acp command or via the skills (CTRL + Left mouse button) acp

    Buffer, Classmanager, GM-Shop, Donate Shop, Maills, Auction, Teleport.

    The Enchant of a weapon point : maximum enchant 16
    +1-100%; +2-100%; +3-100%; +4-100%; +5-90%; +6-80%; +7-72%; +8-72%; +9-70%; +10-68%;
    +11-60%; +12-60%; +13-60%; +14-50%; +15-40%; +16-30%; +17-0%.

    Enchant armor and jewelry point : maximum enchant 16
    +1-100%; +2-100%; +3-100%; +4-60%; +5-60%; +6-60%; +7-60%; +8-60%;
    +9-50%; +10-50%; +11-50%; +12-50%; +13-40%; +14-30%; +15-20%; +16-10%.

    Get Top-Grade Life Stone can be participating in the opening events for the daily vote in the rating system and Dino Island. Chance of optain skills in weapons 10%

    Raid Bosses:
    After killing the boss more than 76 levels is likely to produce the Book of Giants and Top-Grade Life Stone.
    Respawn Barakiel RB 2 hours (+ -) 1 hour.

    Siege, Olympiad and Events:
    Automatic Events: TvT, CTF, LH.
    Siege on our server are held every two weeks, the time and days - standard.
    Issuance of hero every 2 weeks, starting daily at 18:00. Before the battle updated skills, fights start provided Registration: classes to 15 players; nonclasses  to 7 players. Is protected from flooding points with a single IP / HWID. System limitations sharpening +6 things equip.


    Above products work was carried out during 4 years. The main blow we did on:

    Asynchronous network tested in a live online 5000 online without lag
    Augmentation system according to the official server.
    Normal operating GEODATA and geo engine.
    Official spawn system, loot, an item of skills, etc. - All data in XML format
    Working on offlike quests and refinement.
    Adequate AI, corresponding PTS-server.
    Operating system skills.
    The normal system of working with objects in the "world", close to the pts-server.
    Siege close to the official server, without lags and bugs.
    Fully working Olympiad without problems and fully configurable.
    Advanced version control system and bug reports allows you to quickly solve a problem
    What is included:

    Event - TvT, CtF, DM, Group vs Group,Event Finder and other game events that are available on the server.
    "Proxy slider" for DDOS protection.
    Geodata all our production.
    The vast number of services at NPC
    The assembly is adapted to systems of protection against packet hacks LameGuard.
    Website:  L2Festina Interlude PvP Server.Grand Opening 15 MAY 2016 | l2festina.com

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25963.0

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