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    Hello fellow players,
    We are glad to have you around and we hope you will enjoy playing with us.!

    The staff behind L2 Grand works hard on a daily basis to provide you with one of the best private L2 experience.

    We are proud to present you our gameserver our staff has been working on for a long time:

    Focused on high rate PvP with highly enchantable armors/weapons and high XP rates allowing you to focus on the ass-kicking aspect of the game.

    Do not hesitate to register to our forums and join the community.

    Site : http://l2grand.com
    Forum : http://l2grand.com/forum/
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/L2-Grand-957332467707795

    Xp 1000x
    Sp 1000x
    Adena 1000x
    Drop 1x

    [Enchant rates]
    Safe enchant +5
    Max enchant +25
    Normal scrolls 75% chance (Breaks item on enchant fail)
    Crystal scrolls 60% chance (Doesn't break item)
    Blessed scrolls 90%  chance (Doesn't break item)

    Main town Giran
    Startup system
    Custom skills
    3 types of farm zones (different difficulty):
       - Easy (solo farming area)
       - Medium (requires a party of at least 2 members)
       - Hard (requires full party)
       - AOE (both solo and party farming zone)

    Raidboss Instance: You need a party of at least 5 members to enter instance, which lasts for 30min!
    10+ Active Raidbosses with custom drops

    Working all castle sieges
    Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants
    Wedding system
    Npc skill enchanter
    GM Shop
    Custom tattoos
    NPC Buffer
    Max buffs 40+4
    Max subclasses 5
    No weight limit
    No grade limit
    Quake pvp system
    Augmentation system
    PvP Zone

    Olympiad & Siege Every Week
    Olympiad max Enchant +6

    Events Every 2 HOURS !

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26481.0

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