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    [L2J] L2Jax (Summer,PvP Experience).
    « on: June 30, 2015, 05:16:35 PM »
    Hello people.Our team is here to inform you about our new PvP server that opens it's doors next week,

    Server is made for players to enjoy great pvp experience as individuals and as clans or alliances,for the whole summer period,as we already paid our dedicated host,for 3 months.(Until the End Of September month).In the text bellow you can see a full description about us and L2Jax Private Server.


    We are some experienced dev/web/gameplay team and we decided to work on this project with our only goal to succeed in nowadays lineage pvp gameplay.There are gonna be 3 Staff members in our staff team with a great work ethic.Only Administrator will have full access,while the other 2 members will have limited access(They will NOT and they can NOT Corrupt the game play) with only just the basic commands for a Game Master.We have the will to be great,to make things great.Also we are here to listen on any suggestion or idea made by player in our forum.We will spend many hours on-line,and we can make any fix,if there is any game play issue or mistake through out your adventure.

    Experience (EXP): 2000x
    Skill Points (SP): 2000x
    Adena: 2000x
    Drop Items: 10x

    Enchant Rates:
    Safe Enchant: 5
    Max. Enchant: 16
    Normal Scroll chance: 60% (0-12)
    Blessed Scroll chance: 100% (0-12)
    Crystal Scroll chance: 70% (13-16)
    Enchant value if fail with Blessed: +5

    Augmentation System Information:
    Mid Grade LS Change: 10%
    High Grade LS Change: 15%
    Top Grade LS Change: 20%
    Augmentation Skills: 1 Active+1 Passive (1+1)

    Basic Features:
    Subclass Free
    Autolearn Skills
    Autolearn Divine Skills
    Offline Shop
    Wedding System
    Weight Penalty
    Death Penalty
    Grade Penalty
    Clan Penalties

    Custom Features:
    PvP Title Colors
    Stackable Life stones on Inventory
    Stackable Bogs on Inventory
    Stackable Scrolls on Inventory
    Buffs Duration: 2 Hours
    Max Buffs Amount: 60
    Max Sub Classes: 5
    Geodata & Pathnodes
    Vote Reward System
    Class Master
    Starting Level: 80

    Olympiad Info:
    PvP's required to join oly: 50
    Heroes Circle: 1 Week.(Every Sunday new heroes will be formed).
    Start time: 18:00
    Ending time: 00:00
    Skills Recharge before match starts

    Special Items:
    Clan Rep Item (500 CRP)
    Noblesse Item
    Rec Item
    Custom Tattoo (10% CP/HP/MP)
    Farm Coins
    Event Medals
    Vote Stones

    Server Events:
    Capture Flag [.ctfjoin or .ctfleave]
    Team vs team [.tvtjoin or .tvtleave]
    Dethmatch [.dmjoin or .dmleave]

    User Commands:

    Farm Zones:
    Safe Farm Drops: Adena, Farm Coins
    Farm 1 Drops: Adena, Farm Coins
    Farm 2 Drops: Adena, Farm Coins
    Ls Farm Drops: Adena, Mid Grade LS
    Top Grade Lifestones: Vote,Or Event winners

    Boss & Grand Boss Info:
    Party Boss Respawn Time: 30 Minute Respawn.
    Baium Respawn Time: 2 Hours Respawn.
    Zaken Respawn Time: 2 Hours Respawn.
    Antharas Respawn Time: 2 Hours Respawn.
    Ant Queen Respawn Time: 2 Hours Respawn.
    Valakas Respawn Time: 2 Hours Respawn.
    Uruka Respawn Time: 3 Hours Respawn.
    Skylancer Respawn Time: 3 Hours Respawn.
    Plague Respawn Time: 3 Hours Respawn.
    FlameStone Respawn Time: 3 Hours Respawn.

    Server's Location: France,Paris

    Server Hardware:
    Low International ping
    60SSD - 120 GB SSD Storage
    1GBiT Port
    Intel Xeon E3 3.40Ghz
    DDOS Protection
    BackDoor Protection

    Website Link : http://www.l2jax.info/index.html
    Website's Forum Link : http://l2jax.info/forum/index.php

    Do not forget to visit our page,and forum,so you can stay tuned about news or announcements,server's gameplay changelogs,suggestion,ideas,and much more stuff.

    Thank you, Regards
    Grand Opening

    08/07/2015, Wednesday, 18:00 GMT+2

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23858.0

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