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    GRAND OPENING 18-03-2016 19:00 Gmt+2

    RATES :

    XP/SP : X50 ( With level Zone For Fast xp )

    Safe Enchant +3

    Max Enchant +17 ( +20 With crystal scrols )

    Enchant Rate 72% For normal

    Blessed 75% Enchant rate

    Enchant rate For crystal Scrols 100%

    Special Features

    1 Custom cancellation system :

    When you get cancelled, you regain all your lost effects again after 30 seconds. Making cancel worthwhile without it being annoying or overpowered. You will also get notified with an on-screen message when your buffs are restored. Working with all of type cancels, banes, Touch of death, Steal divinity, hero pole.

    2 Anti - KS system :

    Most damage on the Raid Bosses take the drops. 100% safe and you cant just hit the mob run away and take the drops because other player kileld the mob , there are lot of protections

    3 Kililng Spree system :

    You will get publicly broadcasted after you kill 5/10/15/20/25/etc people consecutively without dying.

    4 PvP Messages :

    Another mod very usefull for mass PvP. When you kill or get killed you get a message with big white letters on the screen

    5 Spawn protection effect :

    Anyone getting spawn protected will get a effect so others know he is in spawn protection. Also spawn protection lasts for 10 seconds

    6 Ranked pvp system :

    Wanna stand out? Every time you gain a certain a-beep-t of PvP points, your Rank will raise , You can also trade and buy useful things from pvps!

    Ranked pvp system !

    Other Features
    Non-store Zones on main town , flags to show borders of Store zones
    Dance / Songs 13
    Subclass No need Quest
    Vitality System
    Subclass 85 Level
    Certification skills are disabled
    Attributes on items are disabled( Buff element ressist will stay )
    Augmentations are retail like
    Sub classes max level is 85
    5 Sub classes
    Scheme Buffer with protections for pvp players
    Raid boss Respawn Info NPC and on Community Board!
    Auto pickup items (except Herbs)
    Increased Weight Limit (20x)
    Extended buff-slots - 24 (+4 from divine books) and retail dance/song slots - 12
    Adjusted several skills to maintain the best PvP-Experience
    Geodata and pathnods
    Shop currencies: Adena, Event Adena, Vote Adena, Support adena
    Auto learn skills
    Auto loot items (except Herbs)
    Increased Weight Limit (20x)
    2 hours buffs/songs/dances (except some self-, kamael- & hero-buffs)
    Easy Clan-leveling. Clans don't need more than 10 chars to increase all the levels
    We have also unique clan egg farming system and also a NPC where you can buy clan reputation points
    Hero-Weapons are boosted to compare +20 top s80
    Hero-skills boosted
    7 Custom Raid Bosses inside Farmzone
    Olympiad retail like
    Offline private shops
    Alt+Click removes a buff/song/dance
    Mana potions
    85 Level Fortress guards
    S84 Items Removed to give on server old looking style , top armor dynasty and morai
    Anti bot systems , one of them is captcha advanced
    anti auto enchant system

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25518.0
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