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    [L2J] L2Neda x15 Interlude Server
    « on: January 29, 2016, 01:17:00 PM »
    We would like to announce great news about Lineage 2  Neda Interlude Server x15 Opening at 12 February 2016 20:00 GMT + 2 !

    It is a new opportunity for all PLAYERS to get whatever they want.
    A chance for all to be one of server LEADERS
    Chance to be STRONGER,to lead for CLAN,occupy CASTLE,be FIRST of PVP/PK list.
    So don't wait and take your clan or fiind one and fight for Supremacy
    Lineage II Neda

    -= Rates =-

    Exp: x15
    Sp: x15
    Drop Rate: x7
    Adena: x70%
    ADENA : x5
    SEALSTONE : x5
    Spoil: x10
    RB drop: chance x5; quantity x1 // Epic Boss x1
    Quest drop x2
    Quest reward x2

    -= Features =-

    Interlude Server

    1h Buffs
    Spawn Protection - 15 seconds
    Login Protection -15 seconds
    Geodata and Pathnode
    Cursed Weapons
    Auto Learn Skills
    Raid boss spawn Retail
    Olympiad 2 WEEKS
    Subclass without quest
    Noblesse full quest or Donatable
    -= Enchant =-

    Enchant Rate Retail
    Maximum: +16
    Safe: +3
    1 Piece armor + 4
    2 Piece's +3

    -= NPC's =-

    GM Shop (UP TO B GRADE)- [No Raid Boss Jewels]
    Global Gatekeeper - Gk. Located in Giran.
    NPC Buffer - Gives support magic to help you in game.
    Class Changer - You can change your class there.

    -= Events =-

    Events made By Gm's every Week
    -= Special Comands =-

    Welcome to our Server.Have Fun!!

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25284.0