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[L2J] L2Sins Pvp High Five Join us!
« on: October 26, 2015, 04:11:25 AM »
Grand Opening 14/11/2015 New L2Sins Pvp Server.
L2Sins PVP High Five Features list.
All Players start 80 LvL with A grand items.(Max lvl 85)
All Subs start 70 LvL.
Grand Reward: 50 Donation Coins for the Leaders of the clans who will get the CASTLES OF GIRAN ,ADEN AND GODDARD.

- x40 Experience
- x50 Skill Points
- x40 Adena
- x5 Spoil
- x6 Drop
No Custom Items
- Weapons Information:
- Safe Enchant +3
- Maximum Enchant +16
- Medium Enchant Rate 50%
- Armors and Jewels Information:
- Safe Enchant +3
- Armors and Jewels Maximum Enchant +16
- Medium Enchant Rate 50%
- Attribute crystal 30%
- Attribute stone 40%
----NPC's Added----
Main Town Giran

PC Bang shop
Gmshop till S80 grades
Buffer with all buffs
Buffer For Pet
Class Manager
Clan Manager
SubClass Official npcs

Siege Informer
Official Gk
Custom Gk (Only Towns)
Special Shop
Augment Shop Seller
Donate Manager
Fully working DVC and LoA
Color Manager with Festival Adenas
Observation NPC (You can watch sieges, raids, Olympiad, towns)
Sir Gyles
All spawned are opening with CB
Olympiad Manager
Community Board
Event invitation
- Commands
.control (Main Control Panel)
.password (Change Password)
.lock (Lock on your HWID)
.buffstore (Offline Buffer)
/mybirthday (Born Date)
.buffshield (Block Buffs)
.away | .back (Away Mode AFK)
.offline (Offline mode)
.online (Online + Offline Shops)
.stats (Character Stats)
.siege (Show Siege info)
- Security*:
-Pin Code
 DDoS - OVH Anti DDoS Pro
-Dedicated Specs:
- CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1225v2 @ 3.2 GHz+ (4 c/4 t)*
- Ram: 16GB*
- HDD 40 GB (RAID:0)*
- 250MBPS Connection*
- Website
- Forum
- Server / Admin Languages:
- English
- Bulgarian
- Greek

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24734.0
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