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    [L2J] L2Tenkai
    « on: December 21, 2015, 04:17:59 PM »
    Welcome to L2Tenkai Esthus!

    L2Tenkai's focus has always been Post-GoD updates + high rates. And this time it didn't change either, but we made very important changes in the whole gameplay experience, based on our years of experience and all the accumulated feedback from players.

    In our servers there have always been generally 2 types of players: the ones who want everything in a moment and the PvE lovers. Both love PvP too, otherwise they wouldn't even log in our servers.

    Our strive has always been to make everyone happy but these 2 kinds of tastes are completely contradictory, so it was kind of impossible... until the Esthus concept came up: a server in which gearing up was fastest than ever and afterwards you could keep improving a char little by little, with lots of dedication. And people who don't want to do that will still be able to fight these dedicated players, because their advantage not be ridiculously big.

    And now let's see what we've been preparing for you:

    Common Information
    • Lineage 2 version/client: Infinite Odyssey Underground
    • Exp rate: 1x. We have built our own experience table, it's no longer a simple multiplier. Summarizing, you'll reach level 105 in much less than 1 hour of gameplay.
    • SP rate: 10000x. In our server SP should be the smallest of your concerns, and we've made sure it's true.
    • Adena rate: 1x. Again, we tweaked all the items' prices and monsters' adena drops by hand, so there's no point having a multiplier there.
    • Drop rate: 1x.
    • Safe enchant: +16. Scrolls are extremelly easy so you will be full blessed gear +16 in a matter of minutes.
    • Max enchant: +16. But we've heard about someone who can take your gear over that limit...
    Common Features
    • We're in continuous development, without performing any changes to the economy.
    • Practically all the classes and skills are working and up to date.
    • Aria and Giant Life Stones implemented.
    • Ensoul system implemented.
    • Damage and debuff formulas are extremelly close to the official ones, with a very special care and tweaks for your best experience.
    • All GoD features up to Infinite Odyssey have been implemented.
    • Clans are automatically lvled to 10 with full skills
    Ingame Economy
    • The economy has been completely redesigned from scratch, with a focus on keeping it simple and solid.
    • Adena is our main currency and it's dropped by all the defeatable monsters. One of our features is going to be very adena-hungry, so its value will never decay.
    • Coins of Luck are our donations currency, and each is equivalent to 1 Euro. They are tradeable, and they basically make your life easier.
    • Not allowed Einhasad are like the Coin of Luck cents, and you can loot them from certain monsters or events. Bring 100 to the Merchant NPC to make a Coin of Luck.
    • There are some farmable items such as Elcyum which will be used as a currency for players.
    Server NPCs
    • General Merchant
    • Services NPC
    • Global Teleporter
    • Buffing Services
    Main Town System
    • In Esthus there are 9 possible main towns, one corresponding to each castle.
    • Unstuck and Escape items/skills will always lead you to the Current Main Town.
    • Every 2 days at 6AM CET the Current Main Town will change.
    • The Shop and Services NPCs are located only at the Current Main Town.
    • During the Main Town change, all players who were at that town will be teleported to the new Main Town.
    • All purchases will be affected by the current castle's taxes, so the clans owning main town castles will benefit a lot from them.
    • The Information NPC will tell you which are the next main towns to come over the next days.
    Community Board

    There you will be able to find tons of information about the server and its current state, by using its specific tabs:
    • Server News: a little index with the latest server announcements, taken from the forum.
    • Castles: information about the current castle ownerships and status
    • Raid Bosses: all the Raid Bosses and their current status/respawn timers.
    • Epic Bosses: open world Epic Bosses together with the instanced epic bosses' information.
    • Player Panel: your custom gameplay panel. Check it out!
    • Rankings: as its name says, some rankings.
    • Item Auctions: the Ebay.com of the server!
    • Events: information about the current state of the server's automatic events.
    Custom Private Stores

    By typing .sell you will be able to set up a special private store in which you can accept as currency not just adena, but any item you can mark from your inventory.

    When a player clicks on you he will visualize it like a NPC multisell, but he will actually buy the items from you and pay what you've asked for.

    Summarizing, it's like any private store but without the adena limitation.

    Other Ingame Features
    • Magic Gem: use this item in order to spawn the teleporter and the buffer NPCs near you... anywhere!
    • Deck: do you want to see this ugly monster's drop list? Just use the deck on him, it will show you everything you need to know.
    • Anti cheats system: it won't ban you automatically but send me an e-mail. And I will ban only highly geared chars, so don't bother testing crap programs with dummy characters, they will work until you decide to use them on your main.
    Client Updater

    The Updater is the best tool we provide to our players, it was made with the intention to make everyone's life easier when trying to connect to the server, and also to help us making sure every player is running on the same client version.

    It is also in charge of a very important part of our cheats protection system, and this is the reason why you're required to use it.

    Hosting Information

    Our server machine is hosted at the OVH Data centers, geolocated at France.

    Hardware specs:
    • Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 @3.70GHz (TuboMode @3.90 GHz)
    • 1 TB HD SSD RAID
    • 64GB Ram DDR3 1066MHz
    • 1Gbps Network Interface
    Come Visit us and enjoy the server
    Website : http://www.l2tenkai.com/
    Forums: http://www.l2tenkai.com/board/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25090.0