Author Topic: [L2J] LINDVIOR Legion 50 x server  (Read 2058 times)

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    [L2J] LINDVIOR Legion 50 x server
    « on: June 17, 2015, 04:21:34 PM »
    Hi guys i want to add this very good server Goddes Lidvior server is 50x but is special maked for pvp
    u can get quite easy Best items...event are many and Admin very friendly...[no corupted just friendly]
    If u are loocking for a Midle PvP server Goddes Join us

    The server is PVP based but without giving up the PVE or Raid Events
    ► TVT and Last Man are accesible through the Community Board (Alt+B)
    ► Custom COMMUNITY BOARD (Alt+B) with LOTS of Features
    ► Custom Quests Nobless / Subclass (not needed items)
    ► Mail System added. You can send a mail to any player, send him items or request payment
    ► All skills reuse time/effect updated to GoD Lindvior
    ► New pets and Summons added
    ► MyTeleport function added
    ► DRAGON WEAPONS ADDED: Lindvior, Valakas, Antharas
    ►OFFLINE SHOPS added (make shop, log off, your shop remains online)
    ► New accesories added
    ► R-Grade (R90, R95, R99) PVP Weapons and Armors
    ► Augmentations Grade R
    ► Goddes of Destruction Mobs and Raids
    ► Subclass skills for main class functional retail like. Divine Transformations have working skills
    ► New Epic Jewels: Tauti, Lindvior, Istina, Octavis, etc.
    ► Spawn Protection. Nobody can hit you while porting if you don`t move.
    ► The system is balanced between PVP and PVE.
    ► New lvl 90+skills included and functional, including skills such as Jump, Rush and many more
    ► The server is constantly updated
    ► Olympiad System, Nobless System = No Raid required or Quest - See more at:
    ► PVP Weapons and Armors working and added
    ► New Mounts (Steam Beatle, Lion and Rideable Horse)
    ► New Epic Raids. Many Lindvior Raid Bosses Added
    ► Rates are optimized for a balanced gameplay with a main focus on the pvp side of the game
    ► Team vs. Team event every 1 hour with special rewards
    ► R99 Weapons and Armors added (SA and attributes + Cloaks added)
    ► GM Shop, Global GK price system don't unbalance the game
    ► Buffer features 1 hours of classic buffs: Standard Goddess of Destruction Buffs
    ► Champion Mobs have a chance of dropping much more!
    ► Mouse Coins are Earned in TVT EVENTS, Last Man, Raids and other Events
    ► Wedding System Implemented
    ► Aerial transformations, skills working, airships, Spam is not allowed of Shilen with mobs
    ► Enchant rates are retail like: 66% chances of succes.
    ► GM support daily
    ► We care and respect our players.
    ► Server prices are balanced for a stable long running economy
    ► Game Masters are constantly adding new features and balancing the system
    ► No wipe. Ever. f


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=23771.0