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    [L2J] Lineage 2 Spell Mid Rate IL
    « on: February 14, 2016, 02:02:51 PM »

    Lineage II Spell

    Welcome to L2Spell – PvP Lineage II Server. We are glad to have you around and we hope you will enjoy playing with us.
    Line][age Spell is a totally customized server with amazing features such as unique equipment, modified skills, wide PvP areas, Clan wars, Castle sieges, Olympiads, automated events and much more.
    We are currently working too hard to make server balanced and enjoyable! Our staff will never ask for your account password,if you are asked by someone saying they are with our staff it is probably a scam,so don't give your account information to anyone! You should also register in our forum so you will be able to be aware of any updates or announcements about the server!
    L2 Spell Team
    The Experience Rates & The Chapters The exp rates are x60. The usual rates for a mid rate server. The server is based on the chapters. With each chapter some a new unique quest will be revealed. Chapters can be found below.
    Chapter 1: The Beggining (Is going to be launched with server's opening).
    Chapter 2: Revolution (Under Construction)
    Chapter 3: The Art Of War (Under Construction)
    Chapter 4: The End (Under Construction)

    Class Tranfser & Maximum Level
    Max level has remained at 80. Though the experience rates are standard up to level 70. Though after 70 level and for each level experience rates will be dropped by 3%.
    When you reach level 80 you will be able to learn 1 new skill. Each class has it's own skill. It can be learned only at level 80 and only in main classes.

    The Enchant System
    The safe enchant for all the equipment will be 3. Max enchant for armors(basic armor & jewels) is 16. There is no max enchant limit
    for weapons. Weapons can be enchanted without limit but as you can see it will be difficult since the rates are not too high. Enchant rate with normal
    scrolls will be 66%. Also normal scrolls will allow you to enchant your weapon without limit. Enchant rate for crystal scrolls is 78% and it can all kind
    of equipment and weapons too but only up to 18(for weapons). If your item breaks when you are using crystal scrolls to enchant then the value of the
    enchantment will be -1 from the current value of the weapon(example is given below). The rate of blessed scrolls are 100% and they can be purchased
    if you will become hero by using your points or from raidbosses. Max enchantment for all items using blessed scrolls is 12.

    Example: If your weapon is +7 and you are trying to enchant with crystal scroll and you fail then it will be become +6, otherwise if you succeed it will become +8.

    The buff system
    Maximum allowed buffs for each player are 38 including dances and songs. The buff system has been not modified, except of some of
    new buffs that have been added. Duration have been changed to 1 hour for all buffs. The server will provide at each town,village,township or harbor a
    basic buffer.

    The Olympiad Heroic System
    The heroic skills have been stayed retail like. The duration for Heroic Valor % Heroic Berserker is 9 minutes and the duration for Heroic Miracle is 49
    seconds. Also they have been added 3 new hero skills. Each hero can have only 2 of these skills and this is based on the class of each hero(fighter or mage).

    The Olympiad Heroic System Restrictions
    In order to participate in olympiad there are some rules and restrictions in order to make the gameplay fair enough for all. The max enchantment of your
    items in olympiad games is 8. Grade restriction is applied too and it's A grade for all equipment. Also olympiad cycle is 2 weeks. New skills can not be used
    in olympiad games.

    The Augment System
    The augment system is working retail like. The rates for augment system is 8% for all kind of lifestones. Lifestones can be obtained by monsters or
    by tyrannosaurus in Primeval Island. Each player can have 2 active skills(stucked) and 1 passive skill. Duration and reuse time of each augment skill
    has been remained retail like.

    New & Modified Skills
    We have create 31 new skills(1 for each class), 3 new hero skills(2 for every hero class), 5 new PvP skills which can be learned by 1 at a time by having a spesific amount of PvPs & 2 new clan skills which can be learned when clan reach level 10.

    Our PvP Rank System
    PvP System:
    If killer kill victim and time is OK, so then I call it "Legal Kill", if killer kill again victim, PvP count rise but not Legal Kill. Rank System: Based on PvP System, it's mean, killer can earn exp for kill player, then he rise his rank too if earn 100%(exp is based on current Rank Points [RP]). Default 42 ranks. Reward for rise up the Rank can be awarded for each level of Rank Points. Reward System: Based on PvP System, and each killer rewarded only for Legal Kill. There is 2 reward types: for Legal Kill player, and for Legal Kill player with Rank
    (Players with higher ranks can give other rewards or more rewards or both of this option). Also for each PvP you will earn 1 PvP Coin.
    War Counter:
    Count kills if target is in War Clan. Legal kills rules are used.
    Combo Kill System:
    Shout messages (local/global) about the killer who doing a combo, all these messages are configurable in config. Combo system allows multiply Rank
    Points by special ratio.
    PvP Skill Reward System
    PvP skill reward system is a code developed in order to promote PvP. At specific numbers of PvPs you will be able to learn some new skills that can be
    used everywhere except subclasses and olympiad. As a reward and after a specefic number of PvP , PvPer's will be able to use a new chat by using this symbol ~ .

    The Rebirth System
    If you click on the rebirth manager and choose to rebirth then your character will be reset to level 1, with this you will also lose your normal skills (not your gained rebirth skills).
    When you have done a rebirth, you will receive a Book of Rebirth. To gain a rebirth skill you must visit your skill trainer witch can be found in most towns. The skill trainer will
    take 1 Rebirth Book per chosen skill. Be careful when choosing your rebirth skills because once chosen they cannot be changed! You can only rebirth 3 times! Rebirth can be performed
    after reaching level 80.

    The Noblesse Quest
    Once you have completed 3 rebirths you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become
    a Noblesse.
    - Death Lord Hallate
    - Kernon
    - Longhorn Golkonda
    - Shilen's Messenger Cabrio
    Once you've collected all the items and your character is lvl78, you can go to the Noblesse NPC ''Eddy Wally'' who's located on the stairs in Aden Town, and become a Noblesse.

    VIP & AiO System VIP players have a different colored name & title, x1.5 more rates and they can use PvPer's chat by using ~ .
    AiO chars have a different colored name & title. They cannot use gatekeepers or class masters and they can't leave from the peace zones. They also can't join olympiad & events.

    Clan System
    Clan System has been edited in order to be something unique. Max clan level is now 10. Also by reaching your clan level 10 you have the right to learn 2 new clan skills. We have
    also added a clan notice system to avoid useless macro spam.

    Server's Economy
    In order to get fully dressed with S grade you need first to level up and buy A grade(sealed). Then you should craft s grade and start farming. In order to fully dressed with the best items you will need PvP Coins. That means more fun !! While you will play PvP you will also farm for items & you can also get exp from PvP. (More infos in game)

    In Game Command`s
    .menu - Shows a menu with personal preferences in game.
    .rewardme - Custom code for vote reward.

    Some Other Features
    We have added a survey system(in-game) in order to make the server more enjoyable for all the players.
    Offline trades & shops are working properly. Crafting manager has been created in order to make it easier for you.
    There are clan war zones that clans can fight each other and earn points in order to level up clan or buy clan skills.
    Also there is a pin code system which make your account safe. That means noone can scam you without knowing this code.
    And there is an option for your title. You can choose if you want a normal title or a title that shows your pvp and pk.
    You can also find a preview of the npcs here.

    Achievement Engine
    There are 11 achievements that should be done. Each achievement will give you a reward that will help you to become the best player.

    Events & Event Engine
    As you can see we are going to use some events which are not included in event engine.
    Event list:
    Bomb Fight
    Capture the Flag
    Death Match
    Double Domination
    Last Man Standing
    Lucky Chests
    Russian Roulette
    Simon Says
    Team vs Team
    VIP TvT
    Zombies vs Humans
    Hunting Grounds
    Raid in the Middle
    Korean TvT
    Treasure Hunt

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