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    Phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Once every few months, it obtains a new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.
    A new dimension on Phoenix will be opening its doors on Phoenix the 29 August 2015.

    Phoenix History
    - Birth Date: 29 May 2015.
    - The next dimension will be opening its doors on Phoenix the 29 August 2015.
    What's a Dimensional Phoenix?
    A dimensional Phoenix is a new instance of Phoenix inside Phoenix itself. It is a clone of Phoenix, with the same features, but in a different dimension. It shows up once in a while and then merges with the main instance of Phoenix after some time.
    - A Dimensional Phoenix is a brand new Phoenix. Everyone starts from 0 within that dimension.
    - There's no way to transfer anything from the main instance of Phoenix to a Dimensional Phoenix.
    - After creating your character, you will be asked which dimension of Phoenix you would like to play.
    - You can not move your characters from Phoenix itself to a Dimensional Phoenix.
    - All characters within a dimension are moved to Phoenix itself when the merges happens (few months after that dimension launch).
    - You can move from a dimension of Phoenix to Phoenix itself whenever you like, if you feel ready for it before the merge forces your move there.
    The following features are shared between dimensions:
    - Boosted Hunting Grounds
    - Mini Games
    - Clan Halls
    - Castles & Castle Sieges
    - Fortresses & Fortresses Sieges
    - Territory Wars
    - Olympiads
    What's the purpose?
    We have seen how, the Lineage II community is lured by new servers for years now. For the simple reason it is better to jump on something that just opened, where you will be able to farm and rule the world with equal chances to the rest of the players. Due to this, as a server gets older and older, it becomes harder and harder to gain new players.
    By creating new dimensions inside Phoenix, we are able to provide the Lineage II community with "new servers", constantly, without ever wiping anything.
    A dimension stays around for two to three months, and then merge with the main instance of Phoenix. When the merge happens, players should be pretty much equal, when it comes to gears and characters abilities, to the oldest Phoenix players. The idea is to open new dimensions on Phoenix once every 3 months or so and merge them into Phoenix once every 2 months or so. That way, we give the Lineage II community new servers to play on, constantly, without, ever, wiping their characters they gave so much love and efforts into building.

    Try Phoenix TODAY!
    Phoenix is already running and you can already have a taste at what to expect when the new dimension launches.

    - Tell me about Phoenix Features.
    - I'd like to jump in. How can I download the game and join Phoenix?
    - I want to see what are you guys working on lately.

    May the dwarfies be with us!

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