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    Phoenix is a... C1, C4, Interlude, Gracia Final, High Five, Ertheia server - your call. Powered by one of the latest version of the game, Ertheia, our server provides an experience like no other with its unique features - privileging the good old gameplay over the new one.

    Client Information
    Phoenix uses an unique client. Some would call it Lineage II Classic. Others would say it's Ertheia, or High Five. Based on Ertheia but heavily modified, our client makes it possible to provide a server like no other.

    Download Information:
    To download our client, there's two options available. You can download it from scratch, or upgrade an existing Lineage II client*, using our updater. Alternatively, you can download it through a direct link.

    - Visit our forums to find the instructions to download our client.

    Server Information
    Phoenix is a server like no other. We encourage you to go through this features thread to understand its concept and make sure you aren't lost while playing it.


    - XP Rate: x100
    - Adena Rate: x50
    - Enchant Scroll Rate: 66%
    - Maximum Level: 99
    - Highest Equipment Grade: R99
    - Subclasses Amount: 3 Max.
    - Subclasses Maximum Level: 85
    - Dualclasses: 1 Max. (Allows you to level up a Subclass up to 99)


    - Character Creation
    - Louie the Cat, Newbie Merchant
    - Beryl the Cat, Buffer
    - Custom Gatekeepers
    - Custom Hunting Grounds
    - Boosted Hunting Grounds
    - Mini Raids
    - Town Merchants
    - Puss the Cat, the Class Master
    - Hashir, the S80 Equipment Merchant.
    - Aonix, the R+ Equipment Merchant.
    - Astrake, the Raid Manager.
    - Lorain, the Mini Games Manager.
    - Temporary Deleveling

    Characters Improvements

    - Beauty Shop
    - Nobless
    - Abilities
    - Subclasses & Dual Class Certifications
    - Brooches
    - Dyes
    - Augmentations
    - Tattoos


    - Mini Games
    - Olympiads
    - Fortress Sieges
    - Castle Sieges
    - Raid Bosses
    - Epic Bosses
    - Instances

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24017.0