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[L2J] Lineage II Drug
« on: February 16, 2016, 12:42:01 PM »

Website : www.L2Drug.com
Forum : www.L2Drug.com/forum

Current Status : BETA MODE OPENING (Next Week)

After 9 years of working on Lineage Development and having in our asset our own L2j Project in which we work the last 2 years, the time has come to return to action. Preparing for you a Mid Rate Interlude PvP Server.
Lineage II Drug is a project which we created based in our own expectations.
A Custom PvP server which has as its biggest goal to reach the highest level of Balance, taking into account the ideology of the owner company of Lineage II, NcSoft as a MMORPG Mash PvP Game.
Paying great base in the game setup of all sides and thanks to the help/recommendations of several users of Lineage 2 & members of Maxcheaters forum, we believe that the final result will be something beautiful and at the same time different from the usuals IL private servers.

XP : 1000x
SP : 1000x
Drop : 1x
Spoil :1x
Safe Enchant : +3
Max Enchant : +18
Normal Scroll : 65%
Blessed Scroll : 75%
L2Drug Scrolls : 20% (From +16 - +18)

Automated Vote Reward System with Vote Coins
Unique server video for every new char
Automated Character Services System
All items on GM Shop - Free
Flawless Geodata
No corruptions
Instant Development
Auto Loot
No Auto Loot on Raids
Auto Learn all Skills
Grade Penalty On
Ingame Announcement when a Raid spawns
Lag free
100% Uptime
Active Staff
Wedding System
Unique Farm Zones
International community
Custom Mage & Fighter Tattoo
2 Custom Shields
No weight limit
Subclass without quest
Subclass starting lvl = 80
Max Subclasses = 5
You can add any subclass in Drug Priest [ALL IN ONE]
Max Clans in Alliance = 3 All active/passive augments are fully working! 1 Active Or 1 Passive only
All flood protections
Newbie NPC
Lifestone Skill Chance : 10%
Custom red screen effect when a player dies
Reworked all Skills / Items & Class Balance
Heavy / Robe / Light System , players who don't have the mastery for it can't wear it
C4/C5/Interlude features/skills tested and working 99.9%
Quake System/Shutdown spree system
PvP Color System
Anti - Feed System
Castle Sieges
Unique Economy System
Max Level 80
Cursed weapons
Weapon Augmentations
Dueling System
Offline Shop
Spawn Protection 30 secs
Olympiad system fully working
Heroes every 2 weeks
Assist System if you are support class and you are in party you have a chance to get the pvp
PvP Coins
Vote Coins
Multifunction Zone
Mass party noblesse if you Kill Noblesse RaidBoss
Custom Clan Messages H5 Module
Unique Clan Messages

Global Gatekeeper
Special Shop
Top PvP-Pk
Class Changer
Vote Manager
Skill Enchanter
Castle Manager
Vote Shop

.stats ( you can see everything for no corruption)


Custom Community Board
Problem Report
Top PvP Killer
Top Pk Killer
Top Raid Points
Most Rich Players
Most Active Players
Olympiad Status
Castle Status
Rapair Broken Char
Change Account Password


Custom Armor / Weapon / Tattoo
Upgradeable (Elegia) Armor & Tattos , Icarus Weapons.
Check the photo album http://imgur.com/a/ARsNo

Don't forget to register on our forum to get informed about last updates , grand opening day , events & more.

Lineage II Drug Team

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25415.0

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