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    [L2J] Lineage II Waytrel - 13/2/2016
    « on: January 23, 2016, 09:34:10 AM »

    We proudly present you Lineage II Waytrel.
    A brand-new server using java platform files & highly modded retail engine.
    We want to revive the old memories including the amazing sieges, olympiad & massive pvp fights.
    Be a part of L2Waytrel and you won't regret it!

    Grand opening will take place at 13/02/2016 - 18:00 GMT+2. Be there!

    Referring to rates, you don't have to worry about. The gameplay is modified, so you don't have to care about level up. Server's currency is based on farming, pvp, events and raid hunting.

    About balance since it's pretty easy to get maximum equipment, we have modified the balance to fit correctly when you've get the maximum equipment. As we know, balance is never perfect we are trying day by day to improve it for the best results.

    General Rates.
    - Safe enchant: +4 (+5 full body).
    - Max enchant: +16 (+20 with crystal).
    - Normal scroll chance: 70%
    - Blessed scroll chance: 90% (in case of failure, goes back to +4)
    - Crystal scroll chance: 80% (in case of failure, goes back to +16)
    - Augmentation chance: 15%

    Buffs & Skills.
    - Removed augmentation chance skills.
    - Anti-griefing skill (blocks unwanted buffs).
    - Cancellation returns canceled buffs after 7 seconds.
    - Available buff slots: 48 (+4 from Divine Inspiration).
    - Available augments: 1 active & 1 passive.
    - 4 hours buff duration.
    - Buffs are remaining after death.

    Olympiad Information.
    - Daily schedule is from 18:00 to 00:00 (GMT+2).
    - New heroes every sunday at 00:00 (GMT+2).
    - Skill refreshing after each fight.
    - Register restriction (you need 20 pvp kills).
    - Your enchant counts as +4 while in olympiad game.
    - If you are hero, you have only Heroic Valor on sub classes.
    - Olympiad manager shows ranking and points for each character.
    - Mini-scripts for daily & weekly olympiad period.

    PvP Information.
    - Unique reward for pvp inside massive pvp zone (Pandora's Box).
    - Unique reward for pvp inside events.
    - Massive pvp zone with auto flag, random respawns & stat restoring.
    - Protection against pvp feeding.
    - Every 1 hour, a player is getting rewarded for having the most pvp kills.
    - Every 5 pvp kills, you are getting announced.
    - Title colors based on pvp count.

    General Information.
    - Perfect geodata & pathnodes.
    - Spawn & teleport protection.
    - Auto learn skills & auto loot.
    - Increased inventory slots.
    - Champion monsters with extra rewards.
    - Sieges every sunday at 18:00 (GMT+2) only for Aden, Giran & Goddard.

    Additional Information.
    - All NPCs are available in main town.
    - Available sub classes: 5
    - All sub classes (directly 3rd class) are available at Maximilian.
    - Special clan functions are available at Maximilian.
    - Tattoo for fighters and wizards.
    - Raid boss jewels are available at Merchant.
    - Soulshots & arrows are inconsumable.
    - Stackable enchant scrolls, life stones and skill enchant books.
    - 5 special raid bosses.
    - Nobless item providing nobless status & 2 skills: Summon CP Potion & Build Advanced Headquarters.
    - Fame item in order to enchance your evaluation score.
    - Perfect designed farm zones including protection for new characters.
    - Incredible brand-new event engine with 4 events (TvT, CTF, DM, RITM).
    - Voting system for events.
    - Portable event functions by typing /events
    - Server voting system (global & individual).
    - Heavy armors are restricted for daggers & archers.
    - Funny mini-games (dice rolling, betting).
    - Rewards for players with the most pvp or the most farm each hour.
    - Simple protection against botting.
    - Unique & non-spam death recap (information about killer).
    - Announcement for raid boss spawn/death.
    - Accessories: Party Mask (Level 1), Wings of Destiny (Level 2, heroes only), The Lord's Crown (Level 3, lords only).

    We are open to suggestions & new ideas. Feel free to share them with us.

    Kind regards,
    Tommy (Server's Administrator).

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25239.0
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