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    [L2J] Lineage2Blood High Five x10
    « on: January 14, 2016, 07:35:25 AM »
    We are proud to present a new upcoming server with the name Lineage2Blood.eu

    High Five x10 !

    ★ Lineage2 Blood High Five MidRate x10 ★
    ► Site: http://www.lineage2blood.eu/
    ► Forum : http://www.lineage2blood.eu/forum
    ► Info : http://www.lineage2blood.eu/features.php

    Lineage2Blood.eu is a mid-rate server and there fore has some characteristics, such as Rates, NPC,

    areas and Drops modified and differentiated.


    Sub-Class Free without Quest
    Sub-Class Max. Level : 85
    Class Master
    Off-line Shop mode
    Off-line Buffers mode
    Auto Learn Skills
    Auto Learn Loot
    Vitality System
    Unique Gatekeeper CB
    Unique Advanced Shop CB
    Unique Exclusive Shop CB [This shop its the based for get easier your equipment]
    Unique Buffer CB + Scheme Inside Unique Coded
    Unique Raid Boss Manager CB [You can get a view {Photo etc.} in every single raid boss inside of the CB , also there is a tirmer for    every epic bosses front of the CB, it will helps you a lot.
    Unique Ranking System CB
    Droplist Search Engine
    Auction System
    Champions System
    Wedding System

    NOTICE : More information about Server Commands, Territory Wars + Sieges, Full Features, Grand Boss Respawns, Instances requirements can be found in game through ALT+B Community Board!


    Experience (EXP) : x10
    Skill Points (SP) : x10
    Adena Drop : x10
    Drop items : x10
    Quest Adena : x3
    Quest Drop items : x4
    Spoil : x10

    If you have any trouble or you need to ask something for our server please feel free to contact with me via skype , i hope you will realy like our project and you will stay as long as posible on this! Have a nice day & remeber if you support us you wont regret it!

    Fight Club

    Capture the Flag         
    Korean Style
    Last Hero
    Treasure Hunt
    Team vs Team

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