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    [L2J] NativeL2 Interlude 2016/04/22
    « on: March 26, 2016, 01:50:22 AM »

    Server Start 2016 04 22 18:00 +2GMT
    Exp: x300
    Sp: x300
    Party Xp: x1
    Party Sp: x1
    Adena: x100
    Custom Starting Zone
    Newbie Farm Zone
    BEXS Zones
    Golden Coin Zones
    Life Stone Zones
    There are 2 type zones PVP Only and PK/PVP(Better drop chance/amount)
    Rebirth System
    NativeL2 has Rebirth System by Trance!
    When you reach level 80. Visit Rebirth Manager NPC and press "Perform Rebirth".
    You will gain Book of Rebirth.
    Go to Skill Master NPC and choose one passive skill to learn.
    Skill List:
    Guidance Lv1 Increases 5%.
    Guidance Lv2 Increases 10%.
    Guidance Lv3 Increases 15%.
    Haste Lv1 Increases 5%.
    Haste Lv2 Increases 10%.
    Haste Lv3 Increases 15%.
    Health Lv1 Increases 10%.
    Health Lv2 Increases 20%.
    Health Lv3 Increases 30%.
    Mana Lv1 Increases 10%.
    Mana Lv2 Increases 20%.
    Mana Lv3 Increases 30%.
    Wind Lv1 Increases 5%.
    Wind Lv2 Increases 10%.
    Wind Lv3 Increases 15%.
    Focus Lv1 Increases 15.
    Focus Lv2 Increases 30.
    Focus Lv3 Increases 45.
    Might Lv1 Increases 5%.
    Might Lv2 Increases 10%.
    Might Lv3 Increases 15%.
    Empower Lv1 Increases 5%.
    Empower Lv2 Increases 10%.
    Empower Lv3 Increases 15%.
    Shield Lv1 Increases 5%.
    Shield Lv2 Increases 10%.
    Shield Lv3 Increases 15%.
    Magic Barrier Lv1 Increases 5%.
    Magic Barrier Lv2 Increases 10%.
    Magic Barrier Lv3 Increases 15%.
    Agility Lv1 Increases 6.
    Agility Lv2 Increases 11.
    Agility Lv3 Increases 17.
    Acumen Lv1 Increases 5%.
    Acumen Lv2 Increases 10%.
    Acumen Lv3 Increases 15%.
    Enchant System
    Enchant system by Hasha!

    Weapons/Armors/Juwerly Maintains Enchant after failure. Example: Enchanting +4 Weapon to +5
    Failed, but still have +4 Weapon in inventory, only Scroll disappeared.

    Weapons/Armors/Juwerly Never Breaks into Crystals. You will always have your precious items.

    Safe Enchant: 1.
    Max Enchant using Enchant Scroll +6
    Max Enchant using Blessed Enchant Scroll +16
    Max Enchant Using Crystal Enchant Scroll +20

    Rate for Enchant Scroll: Weapon/Armor/Juw: 1-6 50%
    Rate for Blessed Enchant Scroll: Weapon/Armor/Juw 1-8 60%, 9-16 40%
    Rate for Crystal Enchant Scroll: Weapon/Armor/Juw 1-20 100%

    Crystal Scroll from Donate/RaidBoss
    Life Stone Skill Chance: 30%
    Skills is not stackable!
    Custom Weapons SA's
    NativeL2 has hude amount of Weapons Special Abilities!
    Acumen, Empower, M. Silence, M. Root
    Quick Recovery
    Critical: Stun, Slow, Bleed, Damage, Poison, Drain
    HP Drain
    Rsk. Focus
    Rsk. Haste
    Back Blow
    Mortal Strike
    Wide Blow
    Towering Blow
    PvP Color System
    Every 10 PvP's your Name and Title color changes!
    Every PvP has a 50% chance to drop PvP Coin.
    PvP Coins is used to buy PvP Items. (Apella Armors/PvP Tattoo's/Enchanted Juwerly/Access.)
    PvP system has no limitations, so later more stuff will be added!
    Nobless Blessing skill added from Start
    Nobless status item.
    Instant Fixes/Changes
    Auto Loot
    No Loot on Raids
    Grade Penalty OFF
    Working L2D Geodata
    International community
    Custom Tattoo system
    Weight limit x100
    Wedding System
    Subclass without quest
    Max Subclasses = 5
    Max Clans in Alliance = 3
    Newbie Items
    Skills / Items Reworked for Best PVP Experience
    Unique Economy System
    Weapon Augmentations
    Dueling System
    Spawn Protection 5 secs
    Olympiad system fully working
    Heroes every week
    Castle Siege every week
    Server Working 24/7
    No Lag Gameplay!
    99% Uptime!
    Main Gatekeeper
    Full Buffer
    Full GM Shop
    Skill Master
    RaidBossInfo NPC
    Siege Manager
    Ranking NPC
    Class Manager
    Rebirth Manager
    Server is using aCis 360rev.
    Tattoos: Heavy - HP 10%, P.Def 5%; LIght - 5% Atk.Spd; Robe - 5% Cst.Speed
    Improved RB Juw: 30% M.Def
    Example: Valakas Neck - 95M.Def, Imp. Valakas Neck - 123M.Def
    All Juwerly were made to S Grade
    Custom weapons:
    All categories have 9 weapons . Including Dynasty, Vesper, Icarus.
    Custom Items:
    Adena, Golden Coin, Accessoriers Mats, PvP Coin, Book of Rebirth,
    Piece of Weapon
    Piece of Armor
    Clan Reputation Item, Clan Instant 8lv Item.
    All Accessories
    Server Start 2016 04 22 18:00 +2GMT

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