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    Lineage II NEDA Mid-Rate,Non-custom,Interlude Server Preview and server's information

    -Website and forum links-:
    Talking Island - Index

    OPENING DATE : 18 MARCH, FRIDAY, 20:00 GMT +2 .

    Client: Interlude, Chronicle 6

    Exp: x35
    Sp: x35
    Drop Rate: x15
    Adena Drop Rate From Mob: x70%
    ADENA : x15
    SEALSTONE : x8
    Drop Spoil: x15
    Quest drop: x5
    Quest reward: x2
    Manor: x2
    QuestDrop and Quest Rewards Rates are not applied for all quests
    Ketra's/Varka's Alliances Q Drop : 3-5 Quest Items

    -Raid Bosses Rates-
    RB drop: chance x15; quantity x1
    Grand Bosses Drop: x1
    Grand Bosses Jewelleries and Accessories Drop:x1

    -Gameplay Informations-
    Decreased Weight Limit
    2h Buffs Duration
    22+4  Buff Slots
    Mana Potions -Restore 100 mana
    Spawn Protection - 15 seconds
    Login Protection -15 seconds
    Geodata and Pathnode completely working
    Cursed Weapons (Retail and Fully Working)
    Auto Learn Skills
    Reworked and Refixed Quests
    Raid boss spawn Retail
    Clan Eggs and Items obtainable from raid bosses.
    Subclass without quest
    Noblesse with Caradine's level 65 (in Gm Shop)
    Soul Crystals Absorption Chance: Retail
    Grade Penalty:Retail Stats Reducion
    Death Penaltys
    Shift+Click to the targeted mob/npc to see it's drops/infos
    Max Clients Per Ip:3
    Full fixed all raid Bosses
    Vote Rewards (you can buy some miscs and usefull items)
    0% Lags and Delays in your Gameplay
    Retail Skills Interlude 99% Working
    Offline Shop
    Castle Sieges
    Clan Hall Siege Working
    Custom Adena and Ancient Adena Starting
    Active Staff and Support
    Retail Gameplay
    Recipes mats can be found on shop

    -Enchant Rates-
    Enchant Rate Retail
    Maximum: +16
    Safe: +3
    1 Piece armor + 4
    2 Piece's +3

    -Augmentation Information-
    Lifestones obtainable with retail rates and ways.
    No grade LS-Skill Chance:2%
    Mid Grade LS-Skill Chance:4%
    High Grade LS-Skill Chance:9%
    Top Grade LS-Skill Chance:15%

    GM Shop (UP TO B GRADE)- [No Raid Boss Jewels]
    Global Gatekeeper - Gk. Located in Every Town,and Starting Villages.
    NPC Buffer - Gives support magic to help you in game.
    Class Changer - You can change your class there.1st Class-Free,2nd Class-Free,3rd Class 10kk Adena
    Grocery Seller
    Merchant Of Mammon and Blacksmith of Mammon Located inside GM Shop.
    Donation Shop in our Shop (Only Neda Coins)

    Events made By Gm's every Week
    Automatic TvT (team versus team) Event
    Capture the Flag
    Reward being online every 10 minutes =-Materials-=
    (every week will be another reward)
    Planned Events will be announced in our forum

    -Epic Boss Respawn Information-
    Antharas 72+4 Hours*
    Valakas 72+5 Hours*
    Baium 72+4 Hours*
    Frintezza 48+2 Hours*
    Zaken 40+4 Hours*
    Queen Ant: 24+2 Hours.
    Orfen: 20+4 Hours*
    Core: 33+4 Hours*

    Olympiad period 2 weeks(fully working). Retail olympiad gameplay
    Olympiad Start time 18:00
    Olympiad End Time : 24:00
    Validation period: 24 Hours

    -Special & Usefull Commands-

    -Account Creation-
    Account Creation is automatic.
    Character Protection ( After you log inside server you need to provide Character password fallowed by 1 security question and 1 security answer )Remember to write them down.
    No need for account Registration through website or account panels.

    -Server Protection-
    Complete protection from harm-full softwares and programms.
    Ddos Protection

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