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  • L2topzone.com
    Site: http://www.l2-onv.com

    Client: Interlude




    xp x150

    partyxp 300

    Enchant safe +7

    Enchant  max +25

    Custom Enchant rate system


    Farm zones

    Ketra orc


    monastery of silence

    elven fotress



    Custom Weapons Unique,epic

    Custom Armor Tallum,Apella

    Custom Accesories (2)

    Custom Tattoo (2)

    Custom boss rings

    Custom wherehouse

    Custom Augmenter

    Custom Symbol maker

    Custom skill enchanter

    Custom pvp npc

    Custom codes for balance

    Custom GM shop

    Custom Events

    Custom pvp towns

    Custom lvl zone

    start lvl:20



    Auto Tvts
    PvP/Pk Color System
    Hero Every Week
    Siege Work 100%
    Hero Work 100%
    Server Have 100% Uptime
    Have Balance
    Custom Npcs At All Towns
    Fix Bugs
    Main Town Giran
    Vote Reward System
    And More Join Now And Vote For Us
    Like L2pride (same styl,another server)

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24575.0
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