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    [L2J] Perseus Interlude Custom Server NEW SEASON
    « on: March 08, 2016, 06:54:52 PM »
    L2 Perseus will starts it's last season on 13 March at 18:00 GMT+2.

    I already invested a lot of time, ideas, money and w/e it needs a project to be stable and playable, so it worth for one more time to open it.

    We will come with some changes, of course, with GM's that will be more active and more experienced.

    What we will get extra than the last seasson?
    Dressme system as many wanted it back.
    Fashion shop because many players are asking for hair change/ color/sex/  face..etc
    Easier farm because I realized that there's no point to expect someone really enjoying old style economy...
    No OP donates (we didn't made them since last 2 seasons but i just want to say this again and again, until people will really see by their own)
    New areas: New pvp zones, new farm areas, new zones on event engine.
    Raid Boss jewels will be also added on shop but will be not so easy to obtain.
    Costumes and some hats will be very rare items. A special coin will be needed to purchase them.
    Castle crowns and the crowns for members will have some extra stats.
    Nobless will be obtained from Barakiel from now on.

    So remember, this is the LAST season of L2Perseus. Let's end it in a good way with nice moments :)
    The number of players will motivate me to do my best about it and to come with ideas about all kind of cool events.

    Chronicle: Interlude
    Type: Custom PvP Server
    Start Time: 28.11.2015
    Global auto events
    Balanced classes
    DDoS protection, no lag
    Instant 80 and third class (subclasses too)
    32 buff slots

    Special Features
    # Unique start up System
    # Custom commands (.menu, .stat, .report, .online)
    # 1 fully reworked class with new skills
    ( Spectral Master)
    # Costumes (does not effect stats)
    # Custom Jewels
    # Custom Special Abilities
    # PvP zone with auto-flag and nobles
    # Special and unique NPC's
    # Special farm zones (low, mid, party/hard)
    # New and unique raidbosses with AI
    # Main town: Gludin
    # 3 custom upgradeable sets -
    (Apprentice [Starter], Challenger [Low], Carmine [Mid/Top], Cobalt [Mid/Top])
    # Unique weapon enchancements
    # Unique and diverse tattoo's
    # Infinite soulshots and arrows, no consumables needed (spirit ore, soul ore, etc)
    # Custom buffs (ones from High Five and more)
    # Many skills reworked into either toggle or passive (Thrill Fight, Duelist Spirit, Rapid Shot, Snipe, etc)

    Safe: +5
    Max Armor: +25
    Max Weapon: +25
    Normal Scroll: 70%
    Blessed Scroll: 85%
    Ancient Scroll: Varies%

    From +20 to +25 you can enchant only using Ancient Scrolls and the chance is decreasing by each enchant!

    Low Grade Lifestone:
    Mid Grade Lifestone:
    High Grade Lifestone:
    Top Grade Lifestone:

    1 active + 1 passive <-from Lifestones

    You can purchase 3 more passives from Donate shop.

    Augment skills got lower stats so it won't make the gameplay unbalanced.

    All players will have same number of Augments!!!

    Auto Events
    Team vs Team
    Last Man Standing
    Auto 1vs1
    Capture the Flag
    Auto 2vs2
    Auto 5vs5
    Auto Korean Style
    And much more...

    Custom NPC's
    Change Password
    Custom Gatekeeper
    Event Npc
    Subclass Manager
    PvP Rankings
    Wedding Manager
    Siege Manager
    Skill Enchanter
    Custom Buffer
    Donation Manager
    Custom Shops
    Bounty Hunter
    Vote Manager
    Symbol Maker
    Raid Bosses

    L2 Perseus - Home Page Join us :);D

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25576.0
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