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    [L2Java-IL]Preview:L2 Coral x1000
    « on: August 09, 2015, 11:09:19 AM »
    Lineage II Coral Interlude Server Features and Infos
    Website http://www.l2coral.eu
    Grand Opening 10 AUGUST 2015 (10-08-2015) Time 19:00 GMT +2 Europe/Athens
    [Server Rates]
    Experience: 1000x
    Skill Points: 1000x
    Adena Drop: 1000x
    Item Drop 1000x
    [Enchant Rates]
    Normal Scrolls 65%
    Crystal Scrolls 75% crystal on fails
    Blessed Scrolls 75% -1 back on fails
    Multi Grade Scroll Armor min enchant starts from +18 until +25 rate chance 50% (no crystallized item stay)
    Multi Grade Scroll Weapon min enchant starts from +18 until +25 rate chance 45% (no crystallized item stay)
    Main Shop
    Shop Marketer
    Noblesses Manager
    Augment Manager
    Raid Manager
    Wedding Manager
    Server Informer
    Class Manager
    Symbol Maker
    Top Manager
    Vote Manager
    Pk Killer
    Augment Shop
    Casino Manager
    Event Manager
    Skill Enchanter
    Siege Informer
    Clan Manager
    Olympiad Manager
    Karma player drop on death 15%
    Auto-Learn Skills
    Balanced Classes
    Wedding System
    Clan Hall System
    Castle Siege System
    No Weight Penalty
    No Grade Penalty
    Sub-Class System
    Noblesse System
    Hero System
    Duel System
    Augmentation System
    All Noblesse Skills
    All Hero Skills
    All Augmentation Skills
    Retail-Like Enchant Skills System
    Every Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 1 Hour
    C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills
    Interlude Skills 99% Working
    All C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters
    All C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations
    Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah
    Unstuck Command 15 seconds
    Not allowed Bar System
    PvP Color system
    Many Custom Events with Special Prizes Daily
    Top PvP Lord get custom crown
    2000 pvps can talk on critical announce with command ~
    Custom Farm Zones with roll system every 30-60 minutes
    Customized Raid Bosses - Auto Spawned at Random Time
    Custom PvP Zones with roll system every 30-60 minutes
    .away & .back
    Event reward: Coral Festival Adena
    Farm Mobs reward: Coral Adena
    Raids reward: jewels+multigrade scrolls+Coral Adena
    PC Bangs

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=24136.0

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