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    [L2J]Averia.ws - Massive online.
    « on: July 10, 2015, 06:36:48 AM »

    GRAND OPENING 10.07.2015

    Server Rates:

    Exp: x50
    SP: x50
    Adena: x40
    Drop: Chance x18; Amount x1
    Spoil: Chance x1; Amount x15
    Quest Reward: x4, some quests x5
    Quest Items: x4
    Epaulettes: x10

    Server Features:

    • Free SMS protection of the Master-account and Game accounts;
    • Penalty for leaving clan - 12 days / There is no penalty for kicking players from clan on our project, now clans
    • will be more dynamic in terms of recruiting and cleaning members;
    • Instantaneous adding attribute;
    • Visual Costumes
    • Implemented option Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V;
    • implemented Anti Scam;
    • New icons for talismans;
    • New Amulets system;
    • Improvement of the Amulets;
    • New faces / haircuts;
    • New vitamin pets;
    • Academia service;
    • Before the start of territorial wars, the flags will return to their castles;
    • Olympiad period is once every month.
    • Premium account works separately on each server;
    • Vitamin pets are eternal;
    • Command .km-all-to-me is disabled;
    • Quest Item "Large Dragon Bone" (7rb) is given to last hit party.
    • Enchant Rates are official like
    • Champions monsters are availible till lvl 80
    • Antaras, Valakas, Baium and other epic heroes will be alive when the server starts!

    Added new systems:

    Auto augmentation - Select Augment you want, and it will augment weapon automatically untill you get that augment.
    FULL ENGLISH SERVER - With new language patch you can disable Russian letters fro chat and you can enjoy chatting with other english players

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/l2-adzone/10/l2javeria-ws-massive-online/23939/
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