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    Exp - 1000 x
    Sp - 1000 x

    Enchant :

    Safe : + 4
    Maximum : +16
    Normal enchant scrolls - 65 %   
    Blessed enchant scrolls - 80 %

    Atribute :

    Elemental Stone max level : 7
    Level 4 and 7 - 80% | Farmable

    1 . Special Clan Halls siege
    There will be a raid boss in the special clan hall zone that will drop a unique coin and the clan-party that will have it, will win the clan hall.
    Benefits :
    - The best looking Lineage 2 Clan Halls in the most epic zones of the map.
    - Unique Cloak for the clan members.

    2 . Visual skins
    The biggest part of the servers have the .dressme right? Here it dose not exist.
    We have instead visual skins there you will exchage your weapon for a new visual that you can't change back.
    - Every 2 weeks new visuals are going to be added.
    - You will choose what we will add with forum polls .
    - If you want in future we can add armors also, the polls will decide.

    3 . Custom Raid Bosses
    There will be 3 Raid Bosses with 4-5 hours spawn [ their spawn will be announced ] .
    - Each one of them will have Raid Boss jewels  , so you will farm all of them to get a full set .
    - They will drop each time , but between 1-3
    (for example : 1st Raid has Frintezza/Freya/Valakas you will have the chanse to drop :  1 Frintezza / 1 Valaks or 1 Frintezza or the best situation all of them)
    - Each raid will have the Raid Bosses cloak .

    4 . Cloaks
    There are cloaks that suit your armor set, and they give you a look that will be unique.
    You can excahnge the simple one for :
    - Elegia Cloak / Vesper Cloak / Vorpal Cloak / Moirai Cloak

    5 . Foundation
    Why do we have foundation ?
    - If you are a mid rate player and you want to change the server style, and we don't have foundation we affect your play style .
    SO, we have a foundation upgrader shop for armors .
    - That will help you to play as you wish.

    6 . Custom start
    In the special starting zone, you will get some help
    - There is going to be a npc that will give you a free set of moirai armor / icarus weapon / moirai jewels.

    7 . Farm
    You may ask what is so unique about the farm?
    - There will be 2 mobs, one that you will start to farm first , and the other that you will farm it after you get vesper.
    - So, here is the thing you need to get vesper before you start killing the other mob. We made it that you will pass through all the armor sets/weapons.
    - You can keep vesper if you are going to make it foundation, or get vorpal/elegia for a faster farm.

    8. Sunday PVP Zone event

    What is this?
    - Well, every Sunday a Gatekeeper will be spawned and you will enter there.
    - The zone it's auto-flag , and there for each kill you will get a special reward.
    - If you die, you can't come back ; That's the rule.

    9. Daily GM events
    You may say : Yes, everyone has that.
    Here will be something that will change your mind about a GM event. Forget H&S, Russian Roulette etc.
    We can't tell you right now, this will be a surprise .
    - A little spoiler is that the name of the first day major event it's : Black Winter .

    Start/End - 18:00 (UTC +2) / 00:00 (UTC +2)
    Heroes every 1 weeks.
    Max Enchant in Olympiad : +6.
    Non Class : Requieres 11 people to call.


            For more details you can check those special events on our forum.






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