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    Grand Opening on 25.03.2016 for Our 2 Infinite Odyssey Servers :


    The First is Emperor 25x , is a mid server with shop until S high Grade ! Everything is working  Good !

    And The Second One is Avalon PvP ! Start with lvl 105  with R95 blessed Seraph sets /blessed jewels/ shirt/bracelet all top from Seraph .Subclass lvl 80 straight,  free buff , free dualclass, free awake,free subclass.You Don't need any quest. And Now wich is the best part " You don't need to farm dragon claws !!!! "  to get dragons weapons , All dragons weapons are lvl 3 and are in shop !!! PVE& PvP ARMORS  IN SHOP !And more you will find in game !
    This is a server made to farm less and have more fun !!

    Site & Forum :Play Ertheia.com

    FaceBook : Facebook.com/PlayErtheia

    Running on this Beast machine :

    Intel E5-1650v2
    E5-1650v2 6/12t
    3,5 / 3,9 GHz 128 GB of RAM
    DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz 2 x480GB of SSD SOFT and vRack 10Gbs

    The dedicate has been installed by a proffesionist engineer and can keep easily more than 5000 players online

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25603.0
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