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    [L2J]L2 eternal sin x45 INT
    « on: January 31, 2016, 10:17:19 AM »

    Eternal-sin.com x45 means the hugest online community. The best players of Russia and Europe explore the worlds of Lineage with us. Our gamers NEVER experience any wipes or reloads, our server launch sticks to the deadlines announced. Our tech support successfully prevents all DDos attacks.
    The players are proportionally categorized into cluster on the server side, making the system virtually immune to all DDos and other malicious attempts.
    Efficient technical support, regular updates, hundreds of contests and events, dynamic advertising campaign, high number of players online even half a year after opening - all of it is not just words for us! We've put our heart and energy into the development of this project and we proved it!​

    Main rates of Athena x45 server:
    Exp: x45
    SP x55
    Adena: x75
    Drop item: x1
    Spoil: x20
    Quest Reward: x1
    Quest Items: x5 ( for some quests *)
    Spam is not allowed Stones: x7

    Changed Quests Rate :
    Supplier Of Reagents
    The Zero Hour
    Seekers of the Holy Grail
    War With Ketra Orcs
    War with Varka Silenos
    Gather The Flames
    Relics of the Old Empire
    Grave Robber Annihilation
    Ghosts of Batur
    Heart in Search of Power
    Alliance with Varka Silenos
    Alliance with Ketra
    Black Swan
    Yoke of the Past

    Game Process:
    The character appears at the top NoGrade armor/weapon/jewels
    Automatic learning all the skills of the character
    Skill Block Buff All (does not work at the Olympics)
    Skill Return to Giran Town, returned to the main area.
    ManaPotion (do not work at the Olympics) to recover 200 MP and have a pullback in 2 seconds. ManaPotion facilitates the development of the character in battle should not introduce imbalances and to reduce the game to a 1 key.
    The main shopping area Town of Giran.
    Olympic Games ------------
    Siege ------------

    Buffer's are located in all cities bafer free for characters level 76 and below
    Buffer has all the Buff / Song / Dance Prof. Second, without a cat / horse and resists.
    Time Buff / Dance / Song from NPC - 120 minutes.
    Time 1/2/3 Proff: Buff / Dance / Song of characters - 120 minutes.
    Buff Time Cat and Horse - 120 minutes.
    Number of Slots buff - 26 slots - at the start.
    We have Profile Fighter and Mage
    Enchant System:
    Safe Enchant Max / Full: +3
    Max Weapon Enchant: +16
    Max Armor Enchant: +10
    Augmentation System:
    Augmentation NG Chance: 15%
    Augmentation Mid Chance: 30%
    Augmentation High Chance: 45%
    Augmentation Top Chance: 60%

    Reward 1 profession - 1.000.000 adena, Coupon of D grade Armor and Weapon.
    Reward 2 profession - 5.000.000 adena, Coupon of C grade Weapon.
    Price 3 profession - Need only 700 Halisha's Mark. or buy from Donate Shop.
    Sub-class quest:
    With quest also part of items in Game Shop for some cash.
    Nobility quest:
    With Quest also part of items in Game Shop for some cash.
    Gmshop and Custom Shop:
    Ammunition Class D / C / B sells for Adena from the NPC "Orion"
    Ammunition Class A / S and Eternal sells for Adena, Festival Adena and resource from the NPC "Artisan"
    Ammunition class Eternal-Grade have better stats than S grade.

    Farm Area:
    Garden of Eva Beach - Festival Adena.
    Hot Springs - Festival Adena.
    Mithril Mines - Spam is not allowed Stones.
    Imperial Tomb - S Grade rooms.
    Imperial Tomb - Chaotic Zone.

    Epic Boss & Raid Boss:
    Drop a raid and epic bosses according to the official server.
    From the start the server epic bosses dead
    Time spawn epic bosses:
    !!! Start spawn epic bosses February ?? at 20:00 (GMT + 3)

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