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    [L2j]L2 Icescream 20x New Start Early September
    « on: July 28, 2015, 06:33:12 AM »

    OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING Early September !!!

    HighFive 20x...

    After more than five months, we are advised officially the date of the official opening of the server. Server will be opened, September, 2015. Server will continue l , so if you still do not believe us let's try what else you do not like on the other servers, or what you dislike on our past server. Thank you for your patronage and look forward to you!

    Your L2ICS team.

    Base Features...
    Rates - 20x
    SP - 5x
    Adena - 15x
    Drop 15x
    Boss Drop 15x
    Spoil 10x
    Safe +3 / Max +25 / Changeable rate chance, retail like.
    Gatekeeper, GMshop, EventShop, CSnpc, Clan NPC, and more...
    Custom Community board (with many useful features)
    Oly, CS, TW, Instances, Quests , Events - work fine
    Offline trades
    Offline Buffers
    Auto loot drop. (Not for RBs)
    +6 Olympiad, 14days
    24 Buffs / 12 Songs / 10 Selfbuffs
    2hours buffs + First Aid buffer on community board (in case you are out of buffs or killed.
    Cancel system, renewal canceled buffs after 45sec...
    Max sub. 3x
    No customs !!!
    Powerfull server machine
    Server protected by Software and Hardware protection against attacks & bots
    Vote reward system
    That's not all !! If you are interested about L2IceScream visit our websites to seek more info about server features...

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