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    ★L2Ecliptic - Interlude 25x [OFFICIAL] [ONLINE JOIN NOW]★
    ★200+Online Daily!!★
    ★L2Ecliptic Website★ : L2Ecliptic | Lineage 2 Private Server
    ★L2Ecliptic Forum★: L2Ecliptic Forum
    ★L2Ecliptic Facebook Page★ : https://www.facebook.com/l2ecliptic

    Exp: x25
    SP: x25
    Adena: x25
    Drop: х12
    Spoil: x12
    SealStones: x7
    Game play Improvements:
    Weight limit doubled.
    Toggle skill to prevent grief-buffing. (does not work inside Olympiad arena)
    Auto Loot ( .menu command to activate/dezactivate it )
    Auto Learn Skills
    Buffer: Newbie Guide buffs till level 61 ( spawned in all towns )
    Vote Reward System
    Buff Duration: Increased Songs/Dances to 3 minutes
    Boxing Policy: Main + 2 Box + 3 Offline Shops
    Server Platform: L2OFF (Official Files - homemade Scripts ) - C6 - Interlude
    Class I & II Purchasable from NPC. (1st class - 100k, 2nd class - 1kk)
    Blacksmith & Merchant of Mammon will permanently reside in town of Giran.
    Added Top C & Low B Items to Luxury shop. (Purchasable for a mix of Adena and Crystals)
    Tattoo of Resolve, item that increases movement speed by 15. (Found in Grocery stores, for a small price of 1kk)
    Mana Drugs, item that restores 300 MP per 15 seconds with a cooldown of 30 seconds, uses up 1 buff slot. (Found in Grocery stores)
    Offline Shops. (Setup a shop in your favorite spot - Exit the game - Done)
    Newbie Buffs up to level 61.
    Standard 20+4 buff slots.
    .menu - Universal game menu.
    Team Versus Team.
    Last man Standing.
    Korean Style.
    All Retail Events.
    Custom events created by Ecliptic Team.
    And much more.
    Seductive Whispers - Amount x3, Chance x1
    A Game Of Cards - Amount x3, Chance x1 
    Gather the Flames - Amount x3, Chance x1
    Relics of the Old Empire - Amount x2, Chance 100% of Broken Relic Part
    The Zero Hour - Stakato Fang Amount x3, Chance x1, Reward Amount x3
    War with Varka - Varka's Mane Amount x3, Chance x1
    War with Ketra - Molar of Ketra Orc Amount x3, Chance x1
    Alliance with Varka Silenos - Amount x3, Chance x1
    Alliance with Ketra Orcs - Amount 3x, Chance x1
    Legacy Of Insolence - Ancient Papyrus Amount x3, Chance x1
    Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1 - Ancient Parchment Amount x3, Chance x1
    Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2 - Ancient Titan Book Amount x3, Chance x1
    A Powerful Primeval Creature - Amount x3, Chance x1
    The Finest Ingredients - Amount x3, Chance x1
    The Finest Food - Amount x3, Chance x1
    Supplier of Reagents - Amount x3 , Chance x1
    Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe - Amount x3, Chance x1,  Reward can be chosen. (Random on retail)
    *In all cases the amount is dynamic. This means only the Maximum amount is increased. For example: If on retail a Shaman drops 1 pouch at 30%, here it will drop 1-3 Pouches at 30%

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26422.0