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    [L2J]L2Europa.com Classic x7 Thunder (01-March-2019)
    « on: February 19, 2019, 02:34:00 PM »

    Lineage 2 Europa Classic Thunder x7

    Grand opening : Friday ,1, March 2019

    More information:

    Concept: Arena

    Information about the version and updates

    Our advantages:

    Best realization of chronicles, constant development
    100% own development and communication with creators
    You can play all the characters with 1 account at a time!
    Premium free every Saturday
    Special Arena for PvP-events


    Premium free every Saturday!
    Daily tasks


    Login-server is protected from account brute
    The site is protected from burglary
    You can bind all the characters of the account to your computer (you can list the computers) .lock


    Exp / Sp - x10
    Exp / Sp RaidBoss - x2
    Adena - x10
    Drops of the drop rate - x1
    Spoil has given a chance - x2
    Rate quest Exp / Sp - x10
    Aden quest races - x10

    Premium Account:

    Exp / SP + 50%
    Adena x1.2
    Drop chance x1.2, count of x1
    Spoil chance x1.2, count x1
    Drop with RB chance x1.2, count x1
    Drop from Epic chance x1.2, count x1
    Fishing +4 window with 1 computer (4 without PA)
    Quest Adena x1.2
    Quest Expp / SP x1.2

    The cost of the Premium account (Alt + B in the game)

    1 day - $0.5
    1 week - $1.5
    1 month - $4.5


    Restriction on windows - 5 windows from 1 computer
    Fishing - limit 5 windows from the computer


    Castle Sieges on Sundays 20:00 in 1 week
    Side selection Light / Darkness at the end of the siege for the winner
    Siege Gludio 3 per week (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)


    The period of the Olympiad is 15 days
    Days of the Olympics Wednesday-Saturday, 4 days a week
    Starting level 75+
    Starting Points 10
    The battle limit for the week is 120
    Enchant Limit +10


    Alt + B: Information (server, raiting, description), Base of Drop, nickname, *, nickname, title color, premium account
    Alt + B: Buy professions
    Alt + B: Buffer
    Alt + B: Teleport to cities
    Alt + B: Shop. Scrolls of the exp, rune exps, SSX, raincoats, additional items to simplify the game
    .my: a menu with various functions


    Queen Ant 24 +/- 4 hours
    Core 36 +/- 4 hours
    Orfen 36 +/- 4 hours
    Zaken 3 days
    Baium 5 days +/- 10 hours
    Antharas 5 days +/- 10 hours

    Concept ARENA

    Official Lineage 2 Arena for pvp events Tvt and Deathmatch (special)
    Siege of Gludio Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
    Items other than armor / weapons
    Farm Shilen all RB, locations: Cave of Giants, Devil's Island, TvT, Deathmatch
    Farm Battle Sign: TvT, Deathmatch
    Teleportation to Towns
    Teleportation to hunting areas from scrolls
    Rune of Experience + 50% working up to level 85
    No drop at death from mob
    Item "Clan Reputation Score - 10 1-day" give 100k CRP
    The chance of a drop of epic jewelry 100%

    Lineage 2 Europa Classic Thunder x7

    ]Grand opening : Friday ,1, March 2019

    ]More information:

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28963.0