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    [l2J]L2Mantra Interlude PvP
    « on: November 25, 2015, 06:48:01 PM »

    L2Mantra is here to stay. After seeing one after the other Interlude servers fail and close due to corruction or bad admin managment, the L2Mantra team took the situation in our own hands and we decided to open L2Mantra. A server in 2015 based on the features of a servers you'd see in 2008-2009.

    The main reason for something like that was the need for a gaming experience where people will invest time and live the good old moments again.

    Our main goal is to build a balanced, reliable server where people will feel like home. We have both the technology and the knowledge to do that.

    Feel free to join our forms and ask as many questions as possible as we are more than happy to answer all of them. We want to make you feel connected to us and us connected to you.


    Instant level 80 through our customized tutorial. Your character will spawn in a very nice and bright place and you will be able to choose your class and main equipment. Shortly after, you will be teleported to server's main town (Hunters Village)

    Safe Enchant: 5
    Max Enchant: 25
    Normal Enchant Chance: 70%
    Blessed Enchant Rate: 85%

    L2 Mantra Currency: Adena and Ancient adena through Mantras. Fire, Water, Wind.

    2 Mantra Farming Zones: Cave of Trials and School Of Dark Arts.
    Best Adena Hunting Ground: Ketra

    Custom Mantra Armor. Apella turned to S Grade with some tweaked stats.
    Custom Blessed RB Jewels: Through GM Shop you will be able to find the usual RB Jewels. By killing the epic monster you may pick up their Blessed Version which is a little bit better.

    RB Respawn Times: Retail Like.
    SUBCLASS free for every class.
    Noblesse - QUEST (Lunargent and Hellfire oil in Custom Merchant)

    NPC Buffer - 24 Buff Slots
    GM Shop - Selling Armors, Weapons, Scrolls up to S Grade and of course Consumables and Raidboss Jewels.
    Custom Merchant - Selling Apella and some misc stuff.
    Gatekeeper - To travel everywhere.

    Vote Reward 1 per 12Hours will be giving you 5% Enchant Rate. NO Massive rewarding, we do NOT want a server of AFK players.

    TvT Event with boosted stats! Once per hour you will be able to fight the opponent team with crazy stats like super haste, and win cool rewards. TvT Lasts for 5 minutes and trust us, you will have lots of fun.

    Many Customized Raidbosses so you may farm Lifestones and Blessed Scrolls of Enchant.

    New Heroes Monthly
    Sieges Monthly

    Maximum clans per ally 1. So you will still be able to add the two crests to form a bigger one. Our main idea is to even lower maximum clan members of this 1 clan allowed to avoid zerging.

    Much more to come! We just started advertising the server and our website just launched!!

    Thanks for reading,
    L2Mantra team.


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      Re: [l2J]L2Mantra Interlude PvP
      « Reply #1 on: November 27, 2015, 05:38:40 PM »
      Join closed beta access and win awesome prizes on grand opening by joining our forums!!


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